Kibondo entrepreneurs counseled on standards

ENTREPRENEURS in Kigoma Region have been encouraged to make efficient use of the training on quality standard offered by the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) in order to meet local and global standards.

Kibondo District Commissioner (DC), Luis Bura said in a speech read on his behalf by the District Administrative Secretary (DAS), Ayoub Sebabili here that meeting TBS quality standard was important for the goods to compete in the local and global markets.

“The trainings quality standard mark offered by TBS will increase the value of goods thus enhancing their competitiveness in the local, regional and international markets,” he said.

He said the engagement of the private sector in the production of goods and services is of paramount importance and may contribute immense to economic growth and poverty alleviation.

“The government envisions to make its people graduate to middle income status by 2025, that will be achieved by building strong manufacturing sector,” he said.

He said the training to entrepreneurs will increase productivity in the manufacturing activities thus boosting their earnings and contribute to the economy.

On his part, Kasulu District Commissioner (DC), Simon Anange said working individually instead of the group among the entrepreneurs in the district is one of the challenges facing business growth in the district.

Apart from TBS, other officials who offered training to entrepreneurs in the district are the Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO), thus giving immense opportunities for them to grab.

He encouraged entrepreneurs to form and work in groups that can help them access financial opportunities of borrowing and other banking services to expand their businesses.

He said the improvement of infrastructures including roads, railways and air transport is reducing the cost of doing business and creating immense opportunities for entrepreneurs to grab.

Mr Anange said producing goods that meet quality standards is important also for the health of the consumers and help the war against substandard and fake products in the market.

IN a bid to penetrate wider markets, Serengeti ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter, Kibondo

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