Petrobena donate cement to improve schools in Tabora

PETROBENA East Africa Company Limited, a local fertiliser supplier, has donated 100 bags of cement that will be distributed to needy Tabora District schools to increase classrooms and other infrastructural improvements.

It has also donated unspecified amount of fertilizer Otesha brand for tender trees being planted in a bid to increase selected plants and flora in Tabora municipality.

Receiving the donations, Tabora District Commissioner (DC), Komanya Kitwala, thanked the company for the donations, saying Petrobena was showing the way in corporate generosity to the public.

“We thank you for the big-heartedness and your concern for the development of our district. The most important thing is to ensure the donations are used well and gainfully.” he said.

Mr Kitwala said Petrobena’s donations was a good example that Tanzanians cannot depend solely on their government everything, and called on other companies to support public social projects.

Petrobena Managing Director, Peter Kumalilwa said the company’s social corporate responsibility policy emphasizes on promotion of public social projects and protection of environment.

“We cannot separate the growth of this company from pressing needs of society and protection of environment and this explains our contributions. We shall continue to plough back into society the little we can afford,” he pledged.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Tabora

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