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Tanzania exports sisal fiber worth 41bn/-

TANZANIA has a exported a total of 10,642.62 tonnes of sisal fiber, which is worth over 41bn/- (18.3m US dollar) in a period of nine months.

According to the statistics from Tanzania Sisal Board (TSB), Amboni Plantations limited (APL) and Mohammed Enterprises Limited (MeTL) contributed 73 percent of all exported sisal fiber.

According to TSB, Amboni Plantations limited (APL)has contributed 39 percent while Mohamed Enterprises limited (MeTL) has contributed 34 percent.

Other contributors are China State Farm of Morogoro 4 percent, Sagera Estate 2.1 percent, SFI Tanzania Limited 0.85 percent and Highland Estate Limited 0.5 percent.

Also within the said period in local market a total of 6,593.53 tonnes of fibre worth of 19.96bn/-were sold.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ TSB Quality Assurance Officer, Simon Kibasa on behalf of TSB Director General, Yunus Msika said the sales this year trend due to high quality fibres produced compared to other sisal in other countries.

“Our sisal fiber has good quality compared to other countries, we have been engaged in this business for more than 60 years now,” vhe noted.

He added that two sisal Plantations, which are APL and MeTL have contributed greatly in boosting sisal production.

He further explained other contributors in local sales as Korogwe five small sisal growers farms with 26 percent, SFI Tanzania Limited 6 percent, China State Farm 1.5 percent and Highland Estate Limited 0.87 percent.

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Author: CHEJI BAKARI in Tanga

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