Donate blood to save lives, Tanzanians told

THE public has been encouraged to donate blood voluntarily in order to meet the high demand of the life serving liquid in the country’s health facilities.

The donor organizer from Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH), Mr Hamisi Kubiga said the national hospital needs between 100 and 150 units of blood per day, but it was only collecting an average of about 30 to 60 bottles only per day.

He said blood demand was still high at hospital, especially for surgical procedures, but members of the public were ignorant of the importance of blood donation.

Speaking at the voluntary blood donation campaign held in Dar es Salaam recently which was organized by Tanzania Girls Guides Association (TGGA), Mr Kubiga said that the demand of blood at the hospital was very high, calling upon the public to build a culture of donating the lifesaving liquid to meet the demand.

“I would like to emphasize that the blood donation campaign is not only vital, but should also be sustainable if we are to save lives,” Kubiga said.

In Tanzania, the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS) needs to collect over 450,000 units of blood to meet the annual demand in the country, but it has been collecting only 40 per cent of the requirement over the years.

For her part, Acting Chief Commissioner who is a lawyer of TGGA, Ms Waintapa Luila reminded Tanzanians on the importance of donating blood to save lives of women and children in need of blood.

“We are focused on empowering girls and young women to be self-reliant, resourceful and loyal citizens by providing them with nonformal education programmes and camping.

Today we voluntarily donated blood to help women and children at MNH, this is one of the objectives of our association,” she noted.

Tanzania Girl Guide Association (TGGA) is a Non- Governmental and Voluntary Association dedicated to the advancement of girls and young women both socially and economically.

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