Tasaf makes great strides in poverty reduction - official

ABJECT poverty has de- Dodoma creased to a considerable extent among enrolled poor families involved in livelihood enhancement activities carried out by Tanzania Social Action Fund (Tasaf).

Speaking during a capacity building training workshop for Dodoma City councillors, Tasaf Auditing Manager, Shadrack Mziray said the success was seen in the implementation of Productive Social Safety Net (PSSN).

He said since 2012 to December this year when phase one of PSSN would be winding up many poor families enrolled through Tasaf programmes would have benefitted a lot.

“We have met with them to know what challenges they encounter taking into account that they deal with the community on their daily activities so that they are well taken care of in phase two of PSSN II,” said Mr Mziray.

He said poor families using agricultural inputs had increased by 33 per cent during the project period.

“School children from poor families are able to get between two and three meals during the specified period.

Most of the families have registered with the improved Community Health Fund (CHF) and in so doing they are able to engage in economic activities uninterrupted,” noted Mr Mziray.

As regards PSSN II he said the World Bank had endorsed $40m and so more families would benefit from it.

Earlier, Tasaf Head of Training and Participation Mercy Mandawa said the training workshop aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to councillors and make households support themselves through strengthened and diversified livelihoods.

She said they had helped enrolled poor households to sustain themselves, enable children to get good nutrition, education and health services, savings and improve their family incomes.

She said they wanted to ensure there was appropriate understanding of PSSN, livelihood enhancement and targeted infrastructural development.

PSSN I has supported and building the capacity of beneficiaries to engage in savings and make investments. Opening the training workshop, Dodoma City Mayor, Prof Davis Mwamfupe, said the training workshop had come at an ideal time for Tasaf projects.

As for Dodoma, he said a lot of positive changes were being experienced such as increased school enrollment, nutrition improvement, attending to health services and improved socioeconomic welfare of Tasaf beneficiaries.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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