Increase participation in leadership posts, women urged

AS the country prepares for the general election next year, the United Nations (UN) Tanzania has urged for the improvement of women numbers in leadership positions particularly at local government’s levels.

Making the appeal, UN Women Representative Ms Hodan Addou said that the move will lead to a gender balance of 50-50 in all leadership positions.

“The key area where Tanzania needs to catch up is on local government and this is critical, because that is where we have more needs to be addressed on issues related to gender and women’s empowerment, and hopefully with the processes, we are going to see more women coming out to participate in next year political space,” she said.

The UN Women Representative further noted that they are happy that the country in the region has 36 percent women in Parliament, including the ones, who are occupying decision making positions within the government.

“However we would like the numbers to increase, because we are advocating for 50-50 in all leadership positions,” she added.

Ms Addou made the remarks while in an interview with journalists on the commemoration of UN Day to be marked tomorrow with the theme ‘Putting Women and Girls at the forefront of the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs).

In a related development, the UN commended Tanzania for making significant progress in the recognition of the rights of women, gender equality in its constitution.

Ms Addou said the country has several legislations and policies in place focusing on the recognition of women’s rights and gender equality.

“The existing frameworks are huge demonstrations that contributions are being made on the recognition of women’s rights and gender equality,” she added.

However, she said that the country needs to continue focusing on the implementation of the frameworks to ensure their equal access to education, health, and legal to property among others.

“We need to recognise that there are still challenges, because we are not living in a perfect society, and this is not only an issue in Tanzania, but also in many other places around the world,” she said, adding that UN is working together with the government to ensure effective implementation of the policies and laws.

She said that the country together with UN Tanzania has the obligation to continue improving and making interventions in many areas to protect women and girls’ requirements and needs for having been left behind in vital discussions and processes in community developments.

Commenting, the Acting UN Resident Coordinator, Michael Dunford said they would bank on the UN Day to stress their focus and support to the government in its efforts to achieve the SDGs specifically goal 5 that focuses on gender equal

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