UNFPA assures govt of continued support

UNITED Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Deputy Representative, Dr Wilfred Ochan, has said UNFPA is committed to supporting National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) not only in carrying out successfully preparatory activities, but also in producing and disseminating the 2022 population and housing census (PHC) results.

Speaking at the week during the dissemination of Bahi District results after the 2022 Census Geography and the launch of Bahi District Council Social and Economic Profile 2019, Dr Ochan noted that UNFPA had a long history of successful cooperation with NBS in undertaking population and housing censuses in Tanzania.

“We are proud of our contribution to the success of censuses conducted over the past decades, the growth of national statistical capacity in producing this very critical data and other populationbased surveys.”

The deputy representative said he was confident that with the experience of NBS and OCGS and in-house knowledge and skills coupled with strong commitment from the government of the United Republic of Tanzania, the census preparation process would be successful.

Before dissemination of the report and the launch of Bahi profile, Bahi District Commissioner (DC) Mwanahamisi Munkunda and development partners were briefed on cartographic maps showing key geo-spacial information, including the distribution of social services in the district.

Dr Ochan mentioned the uniqueness of the 2022 Population and Housing Census as being the first-ever census in Tanzania that applied computer- assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) technology in all of its phases.

“The use of smart phones and tablets or web-based form for data enumeration is one of the many “data revolutions” in the context of the 2020 round of censuses and I am sure we all feel very proud of being part of this revolutionary move led by NBS,” he said.

He noted that with the adoption of the new technology, the census would substantially improve the quality and transparency of data collected, shorten the time for data processing and as a result census results would be ready in a shorter time to enable its dissemination and used by key stakeholders, including policy makers for decisionmaking at national and subnational levels.

Meanwhile, the World Bank (WB) has assured Tanzania of its continued support of statistics development.

The assurance was given this week by WB Representative Elizabeth Talbert at the dissemination of Bahi District results after the 2022 Census Geography and launch of the Bahi District Council Social and Economic Profile 2019.

Ms Talbert said WB was supporting various development projects and programmes in Tanzania and information of that kind was very important as it guided the bank where to direct resources according to the needs.

“The maps we have seen here contained valuable information on the distribution of social services like education and health in the district which can help one strategise support to the district,” she noted.

She said WB was keen on continued support for Tanzania’s development process, including the development of statistics.

She explained that was why the bank supported the Tanzania Statistical Master Plan which lasted in June last year. Ms Talbert commended NBS for the strides it had made so far in the development of statistics.

On Bahi census geography work, she said it was a job well done and added that having seen Bahi work then imagine the work to be done.

The WB representative noted that it was a big job, but the bottom line was to ensure “by August 2022 every enumeration area is demarcated so that everyone is counted and no one is left behind during enumeration day”.

Earlier, statistician general, Dr Albina Chuwa, insisted that “with our professional experience, knowledge and skills coupled with strong determination and adaptation of new technologies we are confident that the 2022 census will be timely and more cost-effective than previous ones”.

DESPITE the challenges in both social and economic ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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