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October gave us our statesmen

THEY say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and boy, does it ever.

That said when one is missed, people will use any excuse to celebrate them and show them how much they mean to them. That said, this week we celebrated Uncle Jakaya’s birthday.

Oh, how I have missed Uncle Jakaya, AKA uncle Jack. I can safely say that I have missed just about everything about him. I remember when he was leaving and he said, “You will miss me” and sure enough, we miss him.

I have missed his jokes, his insight but more importantly, the fact that I can call him Uncle Jakaya and not be worried at all. He is my buddy even though I’ve never met him. But it is all OK.

Everything is OK with Uncle Jack. I can safely say this for all Tanzanians, we missed Uncle Jakaya. In fact, we miss him so much everybody wished him a happy birthday.

Tanzanians across the world were practically tripping over themselves to wish him a happy birthday. Messages were long and passionate with some even digging up their pics with Uncle Jack to show that they had met the legend that is, Uncle Jack. A true statesman.

Someone I know pointed out that the way Tanzanians were tripping over themselves to send well wishes and praise to Uncle Jack was a sign and that it showed the current temperature with the thermometer reading hot.

I agree but why shadow what I think should be a national holiday with politics. Why not just enjoy the day and celebrate the man. Then we also celebrated all the words he had to say.

He had some very nice words to say that however, weren’t received very well. But that’s just the thing with Uncle Jack, he doesn’t mince his words and his message was delivered to all intended parties.

Uncle Jack always had something to say and this week he said some stuff to get off his chest and everybody got worked up about it. What a way to celebrate a birthday, though.

Start a fire and watch the sparks fly high and far as people sing happy birthday to you. I’m a fan of Uncle Jack. Tanzanians celebrate another great statesman in October.

Perhaps the government should look into making it week long celebrations. I dare to dream but my dreams are valid. This year we mark 20 years since our beloved father of the nation passed.

He has gone but his words have not. I, for one, am talking all that I talk and living and being, because he fought to liberate us. Happy Nyerere Day.

Twitter: @ambylusekelo

Author: Amby Lusekelo

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