Morocco’s PSC achievements as highlighted at the UN General Assembly 74th meeting

ON Friday, 27th September 2019, the Kingdom of Morocco organised, on the margins of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, a meeting of Peace and Security Council of the African Union that was devoted to the theme of “the interdependence between peace, security and development- towards a collective commitment for action.”

At the event, Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Nasser Bourita co-chaired with Moussa Faki Mahamat, Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Sameh Choukri, Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs; Smaïl Chergui, Commissioner for Peace and Security of the African Union a meeting to ensure that Africa is a safe and better continent.

Morocco’s Minister Bourita stressed that stability in Africa will only be guaranteed by addressing concomitantly the issues of security and development.

He added that the nature of the emerging security challenges and threats on the African continent further entrenches the interdependence between peace, security and development.

The Constitutive Act of the African Union and the Peace and Security Council (PSC), Protocol, as well as the AU Development Agenda and the AU Master Roadmap of Practical Steps to Silence the Guns in Africa by 2020, recognize the multiple and complex inter linkages between peace, security and development.

Furthermore, the progress in socio-economic development is of paramount importance to prevent both the emergence and recurrence of conflict.

Experience has shown that the absence of conditions conducive to socio-economic development often creates settings conducive to instability and insecurity on the continent.

The absence or ineffectiveness of appropriate public policies, as well as the difficulties encountered by some African States in ensuring the sustainable development of certain border areas, fuel tensions and give a transnational dimension to local disputes.

The implementation of sustainable socio-economic development policies at the heart of the security agenda of African countries remains a fundamental approach to the success of prevention, management and reconstruction efforts.

However the interdependence between peace, security and development is enshrined in the preamble to the Constitution, in which the Heads of State expressed their awareness of the fact that “the scourge of conflicts in Africa constitutes a major obstacle to the socioeconomic development of the continent, and of the need to promote peace, security and stability as a prerequisite for the implementation of our agenda in the field of development and integration”.

The PSC Protocol enshrines this interdependence, both as a principle and an objective of the Council.

In this regard, Article 4 of the Protocol cites among the principles of the PSC “the interdependence between socio-economic development and the security of peoples and States”.

Article 3 of the Protocol emphasizes that the objectives of the PSC include the promotion of “peace, security and stability in Africa, with a view to ensuring the protection and preservation of life and property, the well-being of African populations and their environment, and the creation of conditions conducive to sustainable development.”

Among other things the objectives of the Ministerial Meeting were simply clarified and Morocco emphasize that;- The Kingdom of Morocco, being aware of this dialectical relationship between “peace and development”, spares no effort to contribute, within the framework of a policy of solidarity and action, and effective southsouth cooperation, to efforts to develop and stabilize Africa.

The Kingdom of Morocco firmly believes that the response to all security challenges, to deficiencies in development, and to the necessities of an increasingly globalized modern life, necessarily requires collaborating on a concerted action on the ground, and a pooling of efforts for a more promising future for the next African generations.

The Kingdom of Morocco, being convinced that the PSC has the necessary capacity to contribute effectively to the settlement of disputes in Africa and the reduction of instability factors, is organizing this meeting so that all concerned actors about peace and security in Africa can exchange views, in order to: Define a common vision about the link between peace, security and development; Identify ways and means to implement the established principle of the interdependence between peace, security and development.

Also ensure the necessary synergy and coordination between the various bodies in charge of development and peace and security at the level of the African Union.

Strengthen harmonization and coordination between the various UN and African initiatives and define the most efficient ways and means to systematically integrate the perspective of interdependence between peace and security and development into all the strategies and programs of the Union, its organs and institutions and its Member States in order to concretize the collective and shared commitment to achieving the objectives of peace, security and sustainable development on the continent; Moreover establish a roadmap for the implementation of collective commitments to achieve the above objectives.

Achievements of the Kingdom of Morocco during its presidency of the PSC is to make sure that lifting the suspension of Sudan’s participation in AU activities; rapprochement of views between Kenya and Somalia on the Kenyan request for consideration by the PSC of their maritime territorial dispute; Holding a meeting on the impact of Climate Change on African Island states; holding a meeting on the interaction between the PSC and the AU Commission; celebrating the Africa Amnesty Month and Holding PSC Ministerial Meeting on the interdependence between peace, security and development.

Source: Rabat Journal

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