Rena a mysterious girl (Part eighty )

ALL readers, the last four chapters covered details about different characters who are involved in different chapters of this fiction whereby we have seen the effects of corruption in a society, what one may ask what is the role of animals in this fiction.

One may commit sins to his own people but nature is very smart and powerful and always has its own ways to deal with those who manage to cheat or hide very far from the public for example in the forest instead of launching an attack together the two cobras produced large and scary hissing sound.

Tau stopped for a while but before she could turn the two dangerous snakes shoot their venoms in the sky which rained on Tau's face.

In the forest Chiku stayed for a while but before she could do anything a honey-badger trotted before her while dragging what appeared as one of the two cobras, with a clear knowledge about level of anger and ferocity from this small animal when it is disturbed by humans, the singer remained silent and allowed the ratel to feast peacefully a meter away.

The above paragraphs show that nature is capable of protecting good people, from the bush to her surprise, Rena saw Tau walking into the compound with a big cock on her hands. As if that was not enough the girl could not believe when she saw her mother opening the main door and threw the avian inside then closed the door leaving it making clucking sound as it tried to explore the new environment.

Coook! Coook! Cok! Cok! A stress call from the cock welcomed him, out of fear Beka ran and stand behind Rena who hold his hand and together they walked into the seating room. Bewildered with fear Beka tried to escape into the bedrooms but Rena managed to hold him back, out of more than four hundred participants.

Bakari Rudisha was a weak candidate who did not even qualify for the post of a purchasing officer, from the outside a woman voice announced that into the room.

Beka was shocked by the announcement but the voice continue he was given this post as a sign of recognition to Miss Rudisha a woman who adapted him after the death of his parents in a car accident along Morogoro road, the voice stopped as the announcer walked away living the boy in a total confusion.

Beka started to cry bitterly forcing Rena to take him into her hands where she comforted him like boy on his mother’s lap, “for the first time I someone told me the truth of my life, “I am an orphan” Beka talked to himself.

Coook! Coook! Cok! Cok! inside the house the cock continued to make stress calls and made tears to roll down from Beka’s eyes, unable to do anything with his head on Rena’s lap he watched the cock moving from one place to another.

In another chapter we saw how nature was very powerful to help those who were unable to help themselves, With all his hands being fastened by a strong rope on a pole,Manu helplessly looked at his captors becoming a victim of his own deeds, in the seating room from Rena’s lap Beka continue to moan “women wail and men roar against my presence.

Songamkono village is a silent witness of what is going on against me” With its scales glowing in brown and black colour under the Moon’s light, Kaidi saw the big cobra coming on his side, without wasting a second he jumped into the other side where he fall on top of Chidi who cried loudly and made the venomous snake to rise its head and expand its hood for a preemptive attack.

Mama! I am on top of a dead body, Kaidi said as he rolled to the other side, no that is Chidi the man who captured and brought me here, Manu said and made the man who would be his saviour to run away after relating the sound with what looked like a dead body, at the same time the venomous snake came near the river’s bank to see what was happening there.

Coook! Coook! Inside the seating roam from where it was still standing the cock crowed to announce it was 3 pm, Rena felt that she was in the middle of a battle line which divides two opposing parts, with power and authority Tau or the big mama on one side and Beka whom feelings of love was growing desperately inside the girl's delicate heart.

The above paragraph shows the level of cruelty which Tau is capable to do only to satisfy her need of money, meanwhile after closing the door Tau walked around Beka's seating room where she was welcomed by a stress call from the cock, she did not care about what the avian was afraid of the big mama opened different doors around the room but when she touched the one which leads to the sleeping room its lock was very tightly placed in its position from the other side.

To create fear to Beka, Tau used the cock intimidate the purchasing officer who refused to follow her order, inside the house Rena heard a loud sound which came from the seating room where Tau captured the cock which started to cluck in despair, without wasting time Tau used the long machete to slain the rooster in a single but powerful smash which was followed by sound of wings being flapped to mark its death.

Beka! a coward from the city listen to me, like it or not for sure the blood of this cock will go down with you. Tau said that as she pressed the carcass to spread its blood around the floor of the seating room, then she hung the dead body behind the door andpunishedstarted to laugh like a bloody thirsty monster.

People like Tau are the enemies of their own people, they are ready to any kind of wicked actions to terrify their brother and sisters, from where she was seating on the bed Rena could hear her mother walking away leaving silence overshadowing the compound, this made her to come out to witness the carnage which was done by her mother but the girl was threatened by the carcass which had its blood dripping out to form a pool on the floor which blocked her from getting outside the house.

Nature is not something to around with it, In the forest Chidi walked from one part to another searching for a place where he had left items which he robbed from Manu, some meters away from the forest tension between a man and his wife grew up, where were you last night?

Chidi walked deep into the forest but he could not locate the place where hyenas forced him to abandon money, a smartphone and other valuable things, deep in the forest after failing to be connected to the number Chidi sat under a coconut tree, under a coconut tree Chidi slowly fell into a nap, with Chidi in a deep nap two playful ratels rolled on his side.

Deep in the forest the two ratels rolled their bodies and landed on Chidi's lap, unaware of their presence the notorious man continued to enjoy his nap, While each ratels was fighting with one of the cobras, Chidi took that brief moment to look at his abdomen, quickly he found that it was only the red underwear which covered his private parts, knowing the colour would trigger anger on the animals who are endowed with extra ordinary ability to chop off men's private parts, Chidi felt the risk was not yet over.

In the forest two snakes had no power to stop the ferocity of the two animals, to avoid being eaten by the hungry ratels, the two cobras escaped into another mound and created a delicate situation for Chidi who is laying on the ground pathetically and prone for more attacks from the crazy animals, meanwhile in the forest miraculously the animals walked away and left Chidi laying pathetically unconscious, few minutes later the the notorious man awaked up and found all his abdomen and private parts are not covered but his captors were nowhere to be seen.

It is being said that nature is capable to punish all sinners, after running for about an hour, with the rugged miniskirt made out of grasses still preserving him, Chidi was standing very close to the new purchasing officer house, he wondered why the door was opened and the lights were still on, without any information about what had happened there about an hour earlier, the notorious man run into the house and seat on the floor just behind the door to block anybody from outside.

After running from the forest Chidi is resting behind the door to the house which has history of creating problems, You see! The ghost has closed the door how can you get inside? Chiku announced that as Mr Kato stood before the door with Dona, Anita and Sauda looking from behind while a big cloud of fear overshadowing their minds, why are you standing there?

Just push the door, Kranado said that as he pointed his magic stick toward the door which Chidi was learning on it from the other side. As the noises from outside grew louder, Chidi awake and quickly stood up before he could do anything, the village chairman led the whole group into the seating room with the oracle still pointing his magic stick, with the rugged miniskirt covering part of his abdomen, Chidi put all hands on his face but as his situation made all the girls to retreat back from the seating room while looking at each other inquisitively.

You see what is happening? After missing from yesterday mysteriously this man is found here, it was mama Kaole who brought me here, Chidi said very loud to answer what Chiku had said to others, I don’t believe that because the woman is still in the dispensary taking care of her son Mr Kato said that while the oracle was still inspecting different parts of the house using his magic stick.

At the same time because of what he did to Manu, Chidi accused mama Kaole for using magic power to punish him, as he was going through what had happened to him someone knocked his door but before he could respond Pipo pushed the door from the outside stepped in.

Where were you? Pipo asked as he tried to find a place to seat in the small but very dirty room, your place is very bad what is wrong with you now days? The man asked a second question without any answer from Chidi who was still working out for an answer for his guest and avoids providing any clue to what he did to Manu.

Mr Kondo is looking for you, he wants you to receive a consignment from and Arusha and take it the southern border where they will cross to South Africa, things have changed to avoid being caught by the police and other security organs he has arranged for a group of people who will sing for you and Tau like just married couples, Chidi laughed for the first time after being released from the captivity but before he could explain himself Pipo handled to him a phone to talk with the big popper.

Inside a small muddy house, Chidi handled back a phone to Pipo, then he looked at the floor and murmured to himself “those naught girls need to be punished” it looks like someone has looted the place, soon I am going to teach them a lesson which they will never forget, I am the bad man! Chidi declared that in his heart as he tried to arrange some of his clothes which were scattered all over the place.

As we have come to the end of this fiction, the above accounts show how corruption is capable of turning good citizens to be against their own brother and sisters.

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