Seasoned advocate Fatma Karume suspended

PRINCIPAL Judge of the High Court of Tanzania Eliezer Feleshi yesterday suspended from prac- tising seasoned advocate Fatma Karume for allegedly issuing unprofessional and disrespectful submissions in court.

Dr Feleshi reached such decision when delivering a ruling on a constitutional petition lodged by ACT-Wazalendo Ideology, Publicity and Public Communications Secretary Ado Shaibu against President John Magufuli and At- torney General, Prof Adelardus Kilangi.

"I hereby suspend Fatma Karume, Roll No 848, from prac- tising under Section 22(2)(b) of the Advocates Act, pending a ref- erence of the professional miscon- duct matter to the Advocates Disciplinary Committee," he declared.

Ms Karume is alleged to have acted unprofessionally and disre- spectfully by advancing personal vindications to the Solicitor General and the Attorney General of the United Republic of Tanzania when the parties were presenting submissions on preliminary points of objections against a petition.

The judge acted on complaints raised by state lawyers from the Solicitor General's Office, following the language used by Ms Karume in her submissions, when responding to the points raised by the Head of State and the AG, who were respondents in the petition.

Ms Karume is on record as stating that, "the Constitution can- not be used as a shield to protect unconstitutional conduct as Article 26(12) of the Constitution requires every person, including the President, to uphold the Constitution.”

"So, mark my words, in the event this case fails on a preliminary point, it is not over.

If the President's unconstitutional con- duct is protected by the Court on

THE Second Vice President Ambassador Seif ...


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