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Vodacom spends 171bn/- on 4G network expansion

Vodacom Tanzania limited has so far spent over 171.4bn/-in expanding its 4G network coverage in major cities in an effort to improve the qua lity of connection and transform the lives of Tanzanians through technology.

The company also revealed that it has reached out to bring network coverage to ma- jority of rural dwellers in collaboration with the government through the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF ).

The company, yesterday, launched its Supa Network campaign aimed at raising awareness on its network and benefits available to its customers on the ‘ super Vodacom network.’ Vodacom Tanzania prides itself as the stron- gest network in the country with an unrivalled 4G download speed of up to 27 mbps which is almost twice as fast as its next competitor.

The company has achieved 90 per cent population coverage over the years reaching urban and rural centres with its voice, data and mobile money services.

Speaking during a press conference, Vodacom Tanzania Plc’s Managing Director, Hisham Hendi said the company has invested heavily in communication infrastructure over the past years to ensure improved network coverage in both urban and rural areas of the country.

“Vodacom Tanzania’s commitment to ensure that Tanzania is connected on a global scale is evidenced through our investments and expansion strategies,” he stated.

Hisham went on to urge more people to take advantage of the high qua lity service on offer to improve their lives through technology in areas of education, online services, business and entertainment.

“We believe in the power of technology to transform societies and make a positive impact on individuals, organizations, businesses and sectors such and health education and E-Government,” he said.

V odacom’s Commercial Business Unit Di- rector, Linda Riwa said in order to allow cus- tomers to experience this new capacity, Vodacom is introducing a special bundle called ‘ BongelaBando’ offering voice and data.

This bundle is available for daily subscription.

Vodacom’s Head of Network and Performance Department, Nguvu Kamando said the unrivaled quality and speed offered by Vodacom’s super network is a result of huge investment made to its data infrastructure.

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