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Invest in Zanzibar, Shein courts Indonesians

PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein has invited Indonesian businessmen to invest in the country, saying the move would further strengthen existing relations between the two countries.

President Shein made the call when he met the Indonesian Minister responsible with parastat- als, Ms Rini Mariani Soemano, at his office yesterday.

They discussed among other things ways to strengthen relations particularly in tourism, trade and industry. Ms Soemano led a delegation of 30 people including senior officers from Railway Department, Airport institutions, Infrastructure, Oil and G as sector, the Indonesia Ambassador to Tanzania Dr Ratlan Pardede, and the Tanzanian envoy to Malaysia and Indonesia Dr Ramadhan Kitwana Dau.

“Our relations also portray that which existed between our Father of the Nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and his Indonesian counterpart, the late Soekarno Hatta,” President Shein said, adding:

“We are brothers; it is only the Indian Ocean that separates us! ” He said that Zanzibar has multiple opportunities for investment including improved environment, as he encouraged both local and foreign investors to come to Zanzibar and that the government has been improving infrastructure.

Dr Shein visited Indone- sia last year, an opportunity he used to woo members of the business community and investors from the Asian country.

The Indonesian Minister, Ms Soemarno, said it is important to strengthen cooperation with Zanzibar/ Tanzania in various areas with focus on trade, tourism agriculture, and infrastructure.

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Author: rom DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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