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Teaching colleges receive boost through ICT distribution

THE Ministry of Education, Science and Technology through the Teachers Education Improvement Project (TESP), is implementing a program to connect all 35 teaching colleges in the Na- tional ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTBB), for fiscal year 2019/20 to ensure graduates have an understanding of Information and Communication Technology ( ICT).

In the education sector, ICT is used for teaching and learning, and in order to implement the program, government and education stakeholders have invested to ensure access to ICT equip- ment in schools and colleges, including teaching colleges.

The Head of Communication Department in the Ministry, Sylvia Gunze said priority was to prepare teachers by ensuring trainers in teachers colleges are enabled professionally in using ICT so that they can apply their knowledge in teaching.

“In the fiscal year 2018/2019, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology have enabled 728 government teaching colleges’ trainers throughout the country on how to use ICT teaching and learning,” she explained.

Ms Gunze said the ministry through TESP program provided all 35 colleges with ICT equipment, in which each college got at least 30 new computers in the first phase 2018/19. A total of 480 computers have been added in teaching colleges this year to ensure computer labs are equipped, according to her.

In addition, the ministry has also invested in buying modern machines for duplication of various examinations and publications, where each college will be provided with one machine. “The aim is to ensure that ICT use is enhanced in teaching and learning in teaching colleges.

Along with the equipment, the ministry also funded the project and has bought five modern projectors for each college for teaching purposes,” said Ms Gunze. She said it was hoped that teachers coming out of the colleges will be able to use ICT in teaching and continue to strengthen skills in the teaching profession.

The five-year project is being implemented by the government in partnership with the government of Canada, where Canada’s contribution is 49 percent of the total project, amounting to approximately 84bn/ until completion.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has praised the ...


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