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MNH-Mloganzila now embarks on plastic surgery training programme

MUHIMBILI National Hospital-Mloganzila has embarked on a programme to train more specialists in plastic surgery to diversify its services. Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH), Consultant Surgeon, Dr Laurean Rwanyuma, said yesterday that the health facility was collaborating with specialists from South Korea to provide services to patients and share knowledge with local experts so that they could provide better services.

He said there were many patients in need of the services in the country and through such training, knowledge sharing and other initiatives patients in need of plastic surgery would be better served. According to statistics, MNH receives an average of 15 patients in need of plastic surgery most of them being those, who have sustained injuries as a result of fire and road accidents.

Dr Rwanyuma was speaking during a three day camp that commenced on Tuesday at MNH-Mloganzila organised in collaboration with a plastic surgeon specialist from South Korea, Prof Jeong Tae Kim. At least nine patients are expected to undergo plastic surgery at the camp.

“Prof Kim will be here for three days. We collaborate with him to serve not only patients, but also share knowl- edge and experience so that we can get more experts in plastic surgery,” he said. For his part, Prof Kim said he was ready to work closely with MNH-Mloganzila to train more specialists in plastic surgery because the service was highly needed in the country.

“I was here last December to help perform surgery... there was a serious case in the Department of Gynaecology. I met with many patients, who had wounds, burns, contrac- tures and bed sours in need of plastic surgery,” he said.

He said since there were many patients in need of plastic surgery he had come again to teach and share knowledge about plastic surgery. He said plastic surgery was a special department that comprised re- constructive surgery and aesthetic surgery.

“Reconstructive surgery concerns injured pa- tients as a result of accidents, burns, scars and contractures and aesthetic surgery concerns altering a person’s physical appearance not for health reasons, but for increasing a person’s beauty or physical appearance,” he explained.

Prof Kim noted that his visit to Tanzania aimed at training more doctors in recon structive surgery and extend services to more Tanzanians. According to him, Korea is leading in the world in plastic surgery. He says it has 2,200 plastic surgeons, while South Africa has 170 and Tanzania less than 10.

He noted that through cooperation with South Korea and other initiatives being undertaken by the government, Tanzania would one day be- come the leading country in Africa in plastic surgery.

PRESIDENT John Magufuli has praised the ...


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