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TPC, NBC agree on effective delivery of financial services

TANZANIA Postal Corporation (TPC) and the National Bank of Commerce (NBC), yesterday signed an agreement on the delivery of financial services through the newly in- troduced TPC Single Window Agency. The move will, among other things, facilitate money transactions and collection of the government’s nontaxable revenue, according to TPC Chief Postal Master, Hassan Mwang’ombe.

“Our main target is to serve all Tanzanians, especially those in villages, who have to walk long distances in search of postal and bank services. TPC has about 370 offices country wide, but we will start with 99 offices and will expand as time goes,” he noted.

He said after that TPC would start offering bank ac- count opening services for NBC clients. NBC Director General, Theobald Sabi noted that money depositing and withdrawing would also be part of the services offered through the new system.

“In totality, the bank services we offer in our offices/ branches, including loan issuance, will be available in all postal offices. After clients have fulfilled all requirements, transactions for loan issuance and debt clearance will be done through TPC Single Window Agency in postal offices,” he added.

It is expected that by June next year, all 370 postal of- fices countrywide will be able to offer bank services. Minister for Works, Transport and Communications, Isack Kamwelwe said TPC should continue improving and introducing services, which met clients’ needs.

“TPC should aim at introducing and promoting online businesses, which (online business) are directions of the world businesses currently, as it was insisted by the two global postal strategies, namely Doha World Postal and Istanbul World Postal Strategies,” said the minister.

He also asked TPC to consider affordable service delivery to its clients and the nation at large to meet universal postal requirements. “Currently according to our records one postal office serves up to 80,000 people.

There is also a small pace of physical delivery of mail as the average of 98 per cent of letters is delivered through private/individual postal addresses. Such small average shows that we have still to expand and improve our postal services in the country to take our services close to peo- ple,” said the minister.

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