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AICC investigates claims on rented warehouses

THE  Arusha International Conference Centre (AICC), Managing Director, Mr Elishilia Kaaya has said that  the government is investigating claims that some Centre’s staff attempted to entice the Arusha businessman, Mr Heladius Kanje to give bribe so that they can enable him to get a discount
in the AICC’s rented warehouses in ESSO Industrial Area, Arusha City.

Mr Kaaya told reporters yesterday that the claims that his office takes the claims seriously and that it is conducting thorough investigation on the matter. He said both legal and disciplinary measures will be taken basing on the outcome of the investigation.

“As an institution that upholds principles of corporate governance and ethical standards and regulations guiding service delivery in the civil service, it is our responsibility to ensure that any allegations against any of our staff are thoroughly investigated” he said.

He said he read the allegation from one weekly tabloid and online TV channel, in which Mr Kanje was quoted claiming that the AICC decided to charge him exorbitantly contrary to the government guided rates because he refused to bribe some of the Centre’s staffs.

Mr Kanje said he has invested 500m/- in his business and that there was need for AICC to support the government efforts in building up an industrial economy.

The government is set to construct a pyrethrum ...

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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