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NMB donates 5m/-hospital equipment to TPDF

IN an attempt to further cement relations between financial institutions and the government, as well as the public, NMB Bank yesterday donated hospital beds,
bed sheets and delivery beds worth 5m/-to Tanzania People's Defence Force (TPDF), 828 Brigade in Mpwapwa.

Receiving the assistance here yesterday, Mpwapwa District Commissioner (DC), Jabir Shekimweri said that the donation will help soldiers, their families and the surrounding communities, which normally seek medical assistance at the barracks. 

He went on to ask the bank to continue helping communities as it has been doing in the past, particularly in health and education sectors.

“The donations you are receiving today are as a result of us knowing how health service provision faces challenges in coping with huge numbers of locals coming here for medical attention; therefore, the bank felt touched by your problems,” he added.

Equally, the DC applauded the bank for its continuous assistance in his area, citing it as the third time in a row that the bank has extended a helping hand, including donating iron roofing sheets and desks, which were handed over to needy primary schools.

Receiving the donations on behalf of the Brigade, Col. Festus Mang’wela thanked the bank saying that the barracks are relied upon by soldiers’ families and surrounding villages for medical attention.

Col. Mang’wela said that the donation will also assist to cater for new recruits of Form Six students, who are being absorbed for three-month
training, since they started the programme last year.

Handing over the donation, NMB Central Zone Manager, name the items as five hospital beds,
25 bed

sheets, five mattresses and two delivery beds, adding that his institution mainly focuses on four areas that include education (by donating desks and roofing iron sheets), and health (medical equipment).

He mentioned the other areas where they reach the communities being during calamities and educating the public on how to save money, adding that till recently, they have availed over 110m/-to Dodoma Region.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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