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Bunge proposes extension of BASATA functions

ATTORNEY General, Adelardus Kilangi yesterday tabled for amendments, seven laws including the National Arts Council Act, with proposal to extending the range of arts.

Under the proposed bill, the range of arts will be extended to include modeling, pageantries and fashion design and recognising development of the art of music due to changes of science and technology.

Tabling the Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) (NO. 5) Act, 2019 bill for a second and third reading in Parliament yesterday, Kilangi named other proposed amendments in the bill as to introduce a new section that purposes of establishing a committee at region and district level and the manner of appointment of its members.

He said the aim is to extend committees to the district level, where most of the arts business begins and to be administered at that level by officers concerned with cultural affairs.

The bill also proposes amendments to extend the functions and powers of the National Arts Council, BASATA and recognising various stakeholders for purposes of registration.

The amendments intends to give powers to the Minister to prescribe manner and requirement for registration of various activities conducted, to empower the Minister responsible for arts affairs to make regulations prescribing for issuance of certificates to artists.

He said the amendments will give more mandate to BASATA, to widen its scope of conduct and be in a better position to monitor, regulate, assess and ensure artists adhere to ethics as well as support the artists to attain training both within and outside the country.

“BASATA will also be in best position, if the amendment will be endorsed to take disciplinary measures to artists, who contravene the section of the Act and implementation of other duties according to the responsible Minister directive,” said the AG.

The Council will approve, a system of registration of artists, artistic ensembles, associations or organizations, infrastructure used for artistic entertainment and performance, vendors and all persons engaged or otherwise to make, publish and disseminate information and guidelines relating to the revival, promotion, development, production and marketing of artistic works.

It will also be mandated to establish, compile and maintain databases, including database of persons, organizations, institutions, equipment and facilities connected with the works of arts.

The public outcry on lack of ethics will at least be checked since under the bill, the amendments call for a Council to ensure they promote adherence to Tanzania’s cultural, moral and ethical values among artists and other persons involved in production, performance, distribution or exhibition of artistic works.

Also the Council will raise, maintain or otherwise administer funds from such sources and by such means as the Minister may approve to enable the Council to carry out its functions and empowering the artists in carrying out their artistic activities.

The Council will have the power, in its capacity as a body corporate, for the purpose of carrying out its functions to rate, inspect, arrest, suspend or destroy any work of art being produced, displayed or kept in contravention of the Act and other relevant laws.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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