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Public awareness campaign would avert ‘preventable deaths’

LAWYERS, though shysters have alw ays w arned that ignorance is not a defense before the law .

That implies that everyone ( read the public), should strive to be fully informed on the surrounding and things taking place in their midst.

To be informed in advance is also view ed as to be forew arned, w hich is also to be forearmed to avoid being in problems as the latest dimension of educating villagers living near highw ays to desist from rushing to fuel tank accidents to steal fuel.

Looked at critically majority of people w ho rush to such accident scenes zoom there not to help and secure lives, but to siphon fuel for sale or domestic use.

It is unfortunate that some scores also sw arm around the scene of an accident to take videos and post on social media w ithout realiz ing that those involved in accident w ant first aid or any assistance to save lives.

And j ust as alw ays said that people should learn from a mistake. It is hats off to Police in Morogoro Region to have launched a public aw areness campaign to enlighten the residents, especially those who reside near Highways on w hat to do w henever a vehicle is in an accident on their roads.

The campaign should continue countryw ide because some of these people especially the youth w ho rush to such scenes like bodaboda riders and haw kers on the roads are driven by money mint desires.

As the public aw areness campaign continues, traders w ho also sell fuel (petrol, diesel and kerosene) illegally in jerry cans in black markets ought to know that not only are they endangering their lives but also the lives and property of people surrounding them.

This kind of trade in inflammables is dangerous and too risky, that’s w hy there are clear rules and guidelines on w ho should deal in it and w here they should be sold so that authorities can easily control and prevent disaster(s) , w hich may result from them.

Under the law , petroleum products are and should only be sold by authorised dealers, w hich are Petrol Stations w ith government strong regulations on how they should pack the products, transport and store.

Any attempt to ignore the standards implies that one is putting the lives of the public at risk.

It is also illegal to buy and carry fuel product in a bottle as has been the routine among some bodaboda riders and motorists and this must stop.

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