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TBS uncovers low quality building materials

TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS) has uncovered fraud by local manufacturers of building and construction materials for making equipment which are below the required standards.

The TBS Senior Inspector Donard Manyama said in Dar es Salaam yesterday that an impromptu inspection in some shops and warehouses in Kawe, Buguruni, Mwenge and Tegeta found them selling iron and steel bars lacking some quality standards.

“The inspection has revealed fraud in the manufacture of iron and steel bars having different length and width which are not complying with the required standards,” he said.

The required length of iron and steel is 40 feet and 18 millimeters width but the product found with 39 and 34 feet long and between 9.0mm and 6.0mm thickness.

Another area found with massive fraud is the prices put on the bars with different grades like BS 300 and 500 which is the violation of law that would result into heavy penalties.

On his part, the TBS inspector Mr Nyabuchweza Methusel stressed on the need for local manufacturers of building and construction materials to adhere to quality standards that guarantee the true value of money and for durable and long lasting projects.

“Manufacturers of building and construction materials have to comply with the TBS quality standards to avoid the effects that may occur on projects implemented with poor quality equipment,” he said.

He said discovering the shortcomings in the building and construction materials, TBS will make formal communication with the manufacturers to rectify the problems lest stern measures will be taken against them.

“The aim of doing inspection and public awareness is to make sure consumer gets building and construction materials of high quality that reflect the true value of money,” he said.

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