Relief as students design vein detecting device

STUDENTS at the University of Dar es Salaam-College of Information and Communications Technology (Co-ICT) have designed a low-cost vein finding technology meant to detect blood vessels of patients when administering intravenous injections in hospitals.

“The use of the technology called ‘View Vein’ will help medical personnel to determine the right spot and administer injections instantaneously, saving a lot of time, with less hassles and pain,” one of the inventors, Mr Fredrick Isingo, told ‘Sunday News’ yesterday.

“Several mistakes and inaccuracies are made when intravenous injections (IV) are administered to patients, causing severe pain and swelling of the injected place due to multiple perforations on the skin in search of veins.

“Guesswork on manually determining veins creates delays, which is a common task in our hospitals whereas immediate injections with slight delays may cause deaths,” Mr Isingo added.

He further explained that, people suffering from high blood pressure normally didn’t survive in such scenarios, thus the nation lost them as it had been seen doctors and nurses trying multiple injections in search of veins.

“The main aim of developing a low cost view vein, therefore, is to facilitate medical care as it can play a major role in saving a lot of lives in emergency cases he said .

It was further noted that patients, who experienced multiple failed injections developed personal injection rejection that could be fatal in delayed scenarios.

“To reduce this, the technology will be capable of viewing patient veins for more accuracy during intravenous injections, hence, shorten injection time and eliminate pain.”

According to him, the technology is set to benefit the nation in various ways, including job creation

. Selling the device to hospitals around Tanzania will provide employment opportunities in all 31 regions, having 2-3 representatives throughout the country for preventive maintenance and periodic training. This will increase internal revenue and provide jobs.

“Once the business proves success, the technology will also open doors for export within East Africa and the world at large, hence, provide foreign currency and raise the national GDP and improve living standards,” he said.

“The technology will also reduce deaths.

Patients with high blood pressure undergo vasoconstriction whereas blood veins become small and can’t be seen under normal procedure (touching, guessing), this may lead to multiple failed punctures causing pain, swollen skin and patients giving up medication.”

A BILL is to be tabled in the ...

Author: SUNDAY NEWS Reporter

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