Dar gets weighing technology to avoid cargo overloading

SAND transporters in the country might have their work cut in half and avoid paying unnecessary penalties due to accidental overloading following introduction of excavator with weighing technology by Mantrac Tanzania.

This was said yesterday by Mantrac Tanzania Sales Manager, Butwa Sanga in Dar es Salaam during the introduction of their new excavator, which he said comes with a new technology of weighing the load before loading it onto lorries.

For years, Tanzania National Roads Agency (Tanroads) has been slapping hefty penalties on overloaded Lorries transporting sand because there was no method of weighing their loads before transportation.

Mr Sanga said that apart from the loading technology, the new Next Generation Cat Excavator 320GC, 320 and 3 23 enhance operating efficiency, use less fuel and maintenance costs are friendly.

“The new machines offer guidance for depth, slope and horizontal distance and with a 2D system, it helps the operator to reach the desired grade quickly and accurately,” he said.

On his part, the company’s East Africa Business Manager, Moataz Taha said that the machine is empowered to work safely under structures or near traffic by preventing any part of the excavator from moving outside operator defined set points.

“These new machines have fuel saving capability of up to 25 per cent and maintenance cost is reduced to as much as 20 per cent and their new cab is designed to increase operator performance,” he said.

He said that with the government blowing the trumpet on an industrialized economy towards a middle class economy, the introduction of the new machines will help to boost this initiative.

He said that the New Generation Hydraulic Excavator (NGH) Caterpillar will revolutionize the industrialization agenda, because the new machine is efficient, cost and time effective.

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