UN, WB back Tanzania in disaster management

THE United Nations and the World Bank have pledged to support the government in disaster management, specifically in Post Disaster Needs Assessments (PDNA), as a first step towards developing an all-inclusive recovery programme.

While the UN dispatched its champions of disaster management for training of officials from different sectors in the country, including the military and police officers, the World Bank (WB) has pledged to keep sustainable cooperation and support to the country.

Speaking on behalf of Ms Bella Bird- the WB Country Director, Mr Edward Anderson said the bank sponsors the training that includes officials from different regions of the country and will be seeking to emphasize on reducing future disaster risks and building resilience.

“The World Bank is pleased to support Tanzania to cope with disasters, and that is why we have the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), looking on how to build resilience along with some other stakeholders that have been supporting Tanzania.

I feel confident that if need arises, we will be together,” said Mr Anderson, who is WB Senior Disaster Risk Management and Information Communication Technology Specialist.

The three-day intensive training that started on Tuesday is organized by the Prime Minister’s Office, Disaster Management Department (DMD).

Mr Anderson noted that disasters need right methodology and mechanism, and was happy to see development partners working with Tanzania on that front.

He mentioned major disasters he witnessed since he jetted into the country in 2016 as Dar es Salaam floods and Bukoba earthquake.

Officiating the training, the Director of Disaster Management Department (DMD) in the Prime Minister’s Office, Colonel Jimmy Matamwe said PDNA was important so as to avert future risks, thanking the U N, WB and development partners for supporting the country through the training and other means.

Colonel Matamwe said that in the aftermath of disasters, the country needs to invest significant resources to address recovery needs, and that Tanzania alone cannot shoulder the budget as disasters destroy infrastructure, so PDNA looks ahead to restoring damaged infrastructure, houses, livelihoods, services, governance and social systems.

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Author: DEUS NGOWI in Arusha


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