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Stakeholders reminded on LPG safety management

STAKEHOLDERS in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) business should collaborate with the government to raise public awareness about safety management to minimise accidents and emergencies.

Like all forms of energy, LPG is potentially hazardous if mishandled or misused.

The promotion of safety should be prioritised in any country. This was said in Dar es Salaam on Thursday by Deputy Managing Director for World LPG Association (WLPGA) Michael Kelly during the 6th Africa LPG summit.

He said care in the handling and use of LPG would help minimise incidents, accidents and their consequences within factory, storage depot, in people’s houses and the transportation system. “Safety is everyone’s priority and it comes from understanding the behaviour of LPG and keeping it under control.

Thus, industry stakeholders should join hands with the government to raise public awareness about LPG safety management,” he said. Mr Kelly noted that while safety was an important issue it should also be emphasised that LPG was an excellent, versatile and often preferred fuel for many applications.

“It is also recognised as an environmentally-friendly fuel with many social and health-related advantages.”

He explained that in all countries safety management prevented accidents and ensured sustainable development was not threatened by the effects of technological disasters. The summit that climaxes today, has brought to Tanzania over 50 exhibitors and LPG stakeholders to dialogue on climate change factors for two days.

Under the theme ‘Developing key success factors for a sustainable LPG business in Tanzania and in East Africa’ stakeholders discussed how to best harness opportunities that arose within Tanzanian communities and ensure sustainable socioeconomic development for all citizens.

The director said the hazard, commonly associated with LPG, was an uncontrolled release followed by fire, thus having regulations on the matter was crucial.

He said principal participants in LPG - producers, suppliers, marketers, equipment manufacturers, transporters and installers - all had responsibility in safety management. National and local authorities should take advantage of LPG expertise to ensure an informed and uniform approach to good safety practices.

Participants in the summit also raised concern over the importance of providing public awareness about handling of LPG cylinders.

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Author: Hilda Mhagama, Dar es Salaam

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