PAET dishes out 1bn/- for Kilwa health projects

PANAFRICAN Energy Tanzania (PAET) has partnered with the Kilwa District Council (KDC) in Coast Region to implement key health projects at the tune of 1.0bn/-in the district.

PAET, the country’s first natural gas producer, signed the Memorandum of U nderstanding (M oU ) with K DC yesterday to construct health facilities in the district as part of the former Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR ) in to change the wellbeing of the local community.

The MoU encompasses the construction of Somanga Health Centre, Kinyonga District Hospital and a District Pharmacy at Kinyonga District Hospital in Kilwa.

PAET’s Managing Director, Andy Hanna said the M oU demonstrated the degree of their commitment for transparency to ensure that the project benefits the people of Kilwa.

“PAET is equally committed to improving lives of the people in Lindi and K ilwa district.

“We develop corporate social responsibility programmes hand in hand with the regional authorities, district councils, district leaders and spokespersons from the people themselves,” he said through a statement.

The estimated cost for the construction of the Somanga Health Centre at Somanga was pegged at 710.33m/- comprising of the OPD block, theatre, maternity, laboratory, mortuary, laundry and incinerator units.

For Kinyonga District Hospital in Kilwa Kivinje at 136 .5m/- for the mortuary bloc and District Pharmacy at K inyonga District Hospital in K ilwa K ivinje 205.12m/-.

PAET’s CSR Manager, Andrew Kashangaki said that the company’s support for the projects demonstrated its long-standing commitment to improving the social wellbeing of the communities that operates in.

“We will ensure that all the building materials and logistical services are procured from local suppliers,” Kashangaki said.

The Chairman of K ilwa District Council, Mr Abuu M jaka, commended PAET for the noble gesture and urged all stakeholders in the region to support the projects.

He further added that successful CSR requires concerted efforts of all individuals and institutions to come up with effective initiatives and activities that realize the desired benefit and serve all segments of society.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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