Z’bar is doing well in revenue collection- Shein

PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein has commended the Ministry of Finance and Planning for performing well in revenue collection which has enabled the country to finance its projects and provide better services for its citizens.

In a meeting here with the ministry’s management to assess its performance between July 2 018 to March 2 019, the President said it is good to learn that revenue collection targets have been met.

“We should be happy about the collection. I thank the ministry for good supervision. Our country is small, but we are recording admirable economy growth,” Dr Shein said, urging executives and public servants to remain honest and continue to work harder.

Dr Shein directed the ministry to communicate success stories in development such as the Z USP so that people or taxpayers are aware of the achievements.

The Zanzibar Urban Services Project (Z USP) is a World Bank-funded project being implemented in Urban Municipality Council (UMC) area and the three town councils of Pemba (Mkoani, Chake Chake and Wete).

“People should also know about the on-going construction of a new petroleum and gas depot at Mangapwani area in north of the Stone Town. A team of experts from Indonesia are already in Z anzibar to check the project for support,” he said.

Ambassador Mohamed Ramia Abdiwawa, the Minister for Finance and Planning, informed the President that “All indicators show promising economic growth and that Zanzibaris should work harder so that the country continues to be self-reliant in funding its own programmes”.

Mr Abdiwawa said that increasing tourists and accountability in the government also contribute to admirable economical achievement and that the national per capita income grew from 26 8 4bn/- in 2 017 to 2 8 7 4bn/- last year, while tourist data was up from 433,47 3 in 2 017 to 52 0,8 09 last year.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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