Cultural Moutai: The Belt and Road branding initiative is coming again

IN May when it looks fresh and green everywhere in Africa, the overseas branding campaign of Moutai comes again to the exuberant African continent one year later. “Cultural Moutai, Colourful Guizhou” - China Kweichow Moutai the Belt and Road Branding Initiative will be held in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia, drawing great public attention.

This is another largescale overseas promotion campaign Moutai launches in 2019 after Mr Li Baofang, Chairman and General Manager of Moutai Group, led a delegation to South America in April.

This is a long-planned international promotion campaign. From extending coverage to blank markets to continuously expanding presence in weak markets, senior executives of Moutai have depicted a clear blueprint for Moutai’s overseas promotion: making continuous efforts to go global steadfastly in line with the overall national development strategy, so as to reap fruits several years later.

It was just a little more than one year ago when Moutai Group carried out the branding initiative in Africa for the first time in November 2017.

Since then, Moutai has achieved remarkable growth in this continent,with footprints left on vast areas from South Africa to Tanzania and the second Africa tour highlights the focus in Moutai’s strategic deployment.

Led by Wang Y an, Board Director of Moutai Group, this trip to Africa will involve a series of diverse events held in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia, such as cultural exchanges, appreciation experience, themed exhibitions and visit to Chinese embassies and consulates in these countries, with an aim to comprehensively improve the popularity of cultural Moutai and colourful Guizhou.

This May, the mellow aroma of Moutai liquor from Guizhou, China will cross Kilimanjaro, the Roof of Africa”, in the northeast of Tanzania to permeate the African continent again. Rapid changes have taken place in Africa Through overseas branding campaigns for five consecutive years, Moutai’s international deployment has seen a brand new look, with Africa, which used to be blank for Moutai, becoming a typical growth market in recent years.

This land is of special significance to Chinese enterprises. The China-Africa friendship has a time-honoured history, especially the friendship with- Tanzania, an affectionate, loyal old friend of China.

China is the most important trading partner of Tanzania and April 26 marked the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Tanzania.So far, the Tazara Railway constructed by China has been running for some 43 years.

During his visit to Africa in March 2013, President X i Jinping delivered an important speech titled “Being Reliable Friends and Sincere Partners Forever”at Leier International Conference Centre,Tanzania, with the guidelines on the China’s African policy - to be “sincere, reliable, intimate, honest”, sublimating the China-Africa friendship to a new level.

Tazara Railway in Tanzania, Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Kenya and Addis ababa- Djibouti Railway in Ethiopia have closely connected China with the three old friends in Africa.

In November 2017, Moutai held the“Meeting in Africa Through the Unique Aroma -Cultural Moutai the Belt and Road Branding Initiative” for the first time in Africa, leaving footprints in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique.

Moutai has expanded a lot in Africa since it started from scratch just a year ago. According to the latest statistics of Guizhou Moutai Chiew Import and Export Co.,Ltd., Moutai has 13 franchisers in 11 African countries. In 2018, Moutai successfully accessed 5 blank markets in Africa, involving 5 franchisers in 5 countries.

In the same year, 114.09 tonnes of Moutai and Moutai series liquor was sold in Africa, up 77.31% year on year, with sales amount reaching 22.6656 million US dollars, up 96.28% year on year, accounting for 5.5% of its overseas sales.

The substantial growth of a range of key economic indicators demonstrates the great potential of African market from different dimensions. Top management of Moutai emphasized during their South America tour in April that Moutai needs continuous efforts to explore key regions.

“It is hard to get desired results in places like Africa with just one or two campaigns, so we will organize an Africa tour every year.” The best friend deserves the best liquor.

Just like a convoy of friendship, Moutai will witness a new lasting, fragrant legend. Aspiration of the trailb laz ers: looking for larger space As a franchiser of Moutai in Kenya, Li Y uxian of X inghexin Trading (Kenya) Co., Ltd. is one of the trailblazers in African market. Located in the central area of Nairobi, Kenya, X inghexin, with 5 staff members, started doing foreign trade projects in cooperation with AVIC International in 2010, and officially started overseas Moutai business in 2016.

“With almost 200,000 overseas Chinese, Kenya is a bridgehead of the Belt and Road Initiative in Africa. With further advancing of the Belt and Road Initiative, more overseas Chinese clusters will take shape in various countries,” said Li Y uxian. All of these are potential overseas consumer markets of Moutai.

It is learned that X inghexin has held appreciation events in Chinese restaurants and large supermarkets (Two River Mall) and promoted Moutai via Facebook and WeChat moments. Luckily, after tasting Moutai, natives gave high comments on it as they were accustomed to the taste.

More and more local consumers get familiar with Moutai now compared with two years ago when Moutai just landed in Kenya. Jorge, a supermarket salesperson, said excitedly that local people would tell him about Moutai,

“This is the best liquor in China. I can finally drink Moutai liquor in my country.” What impressed Li Y uxian most in their efforts to explore the market is the vigorous support and help from the overseas Chinese organisations including the Chinese Association, Economic and Trade Association and China General Chamber of Commerce in Eastern Africa.

For X inghexin, however, the current difficulty faced in the market is how to improve the awareness of Moutai among the natives,as local Kenyans like drinking red wine, whisky and beer.

There are many trailblazers and pioneers like X inghexin, including trail franchisers in Tanzania. They urgently need face-to-face exchange with Moutai to seek support.

It is reported that during this Africa tour, Moutai will conduct in-depth communication with African franchisers to understand their operation situations and difficulties, as well as basic market situations of countries in which Moutai operates and work out policies more conducive to the development of the African market, so that Moutai franchisers in Africa can have good economic benefits.

Li Y uxian has high expectations for this Moutai branding campaign in Africa. “This is a great opportunity for Moutai franchisers in Kenya, so we must grasp it,” said Li.

Meticulous efforts are needed to expand the market of Moutai liquor in Kenya. We hope Moutai Group and Guizhou Moutai Chiew Import and Export Co., Ltd. enhance cultivation of and support for the Kenyan market, such as increasing advertising input and intensifying liquor appreciation support with more promotional products.”

X inghexin has a further expanding plan in place. For instance, it is going to introduce more Moutai series products, such as Moutai Prince and distribute products to every Chinese restaurant and major local supermarkets.

“Chinese and native employees in Chinesefunded organisations are all potential consumers of Moutai Prince. Our goal is to make Moutai and Moutai Prince their first choice of liquor,” Li Y uxian added.

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