Will someone please save us from ‘Big Pharma’ hoaxes...?

ON Thursday, May 2, 2019, T he Citizen – a Dar es Salaam, Tanzania-b ased English language daily – pub lished an article titled ‘Was the ‘high cholesterol’ hoax designed to swindle $2tri? ’

Penned by the newspaper’s ‘THINK ING ALOUD’ columnist, renown Medical Professor Z ulfiq arali Premji, the article started b y stating that “Users of cholesterollowering medication like Lipitor and Statin can now rejoice,” as cholesterol has off icially b een removed from the ‘Bad Boys’ list!

“ The United States’ authorities have finally acknowledged that cholesterol is NOT a factor of much concern, after all – thereb y doing a U-turn regarding their warnings to humanity beginning in earnest in the 1970s to keep away from high-cholesterol foods so as to avoid clogged arteries and heart diseases.. . ”

According to the article, ‘ Cholesterol’ is a compound of the sterol-type in most b ody tissues. Cholesterol and its derivatives are important constituents of cell membranes, and precursors of other steroid compounds.

But, it has b een associated with increased risks of heart and b lood vessel diseases. Recalling that the warnings against cholesterol were so intense that they created a new medical diagnosis –

‘ You have high cholesterol!’ – the good professor says “it now turns out that it was indeed one great b ig hoax. In due course, ‘Big Pharma’ ex tracted some US$2 trillion f rom consumers in the name of ‘cholesterol-lowering treatment.’

“ What a shame on medical research and the relevant authorities. What now seems their incompetence helped in getting away with US$2 trillion from people who were otherwise physically fit!

The pub lic was continually misinf ormed for decades via glitzy and perhaps fab ricated research results. “ How, then, can the common man and woman trust medical research results today?

Whom should we trust when it’s now clear that even the most sacrosanct (medical) profession can b e so easily manipulated? Where are ethics in medical science.. . ?

” It is in the pub lic domain that Prof Z ulfiq arali Premji is the holder of a PhD (Infectious Diseases) f rom K arolinska Institute, Sweden (1996) ; an MSc in Medical Parasitology (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: 198 9); a Doctor of Medicine ( University of Dar es Salaam: 198 5); a Diploma in Medical Lab oratory Technology ( UDSM, 1977 ) ; a Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (London: 198 9), and a F ellow of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (London).

There’s much more of that – including the fact that the good fellow is a memb er of the East African Society f or Parasitologists, and the Tanzania Pub lic Health Association.

The foregoing is according to The Aga K han University Medical College, East Africa, reachab le at < https:// www.aku.edu/mcea/faculty/ Pages/profile.aspx?ProfileID = 4 3& Name=Z ulfiqarali+ Pre mji> .

So, have unscrupulous Big Pharma segments been doub le-dealing in matters pharmaceutical in so far as they relate to healthcare for humanity? Double-dealing is “ the practice of working to people’s disadvantage, doing so b ehind their back.”

It amounts to duplicity, bad f aith, perfidy, fraud, b reach of trust, cheating, deceit, underhandedness, mendacity.. . Oh, Her Britannic Majesty’s lingo is full of synonyms.. .

And ‘Big Pharma’ is, of course, a popular term for ( especially large) pharmaceutical companies collectively as an industry – and a sector of the Economy at large.

Prof Premji isn’t alone in suspecting Big Pharma and their close associates (or should we say ‘collab orators/ co-conspirators?’ ) of meting out hoaxes here and there, now and then, to unsuspecting healthcare seekers.

In fact, the American Dr Sherry A. Rogers, M.D. – describ ed as ‘a cutting edge health expert’ – has published materials on similar lines in recent times.

In her b ook ‘The Cholesterol Hoax’ [ Prestige Publishing of Solvay, NY 13209 < orders@ prestigepublish> ] , Dr Rogers says Cholesterol is not the b iggest cause of heart disease; nor is it predictive of heart disease. In fact, over half the folk who die of a heart attack never had high cholesterol.. . !

As Prof Premji says, “ The liver produces most of the cholesterol in you. Your b rain is primarily made of cholesterol, which is essential f or nerve cells to function.

Cholesterol is the b asis for the creation of all the steroid hormones, including estrogen, testosterone and corticosteroids. So, high cholesterol in the b ody is a clear indication that the liver is in good health.. . ”

Calls b y some medics to lower the body cholesterol threshold – usually b y taking prescription drugs manufactured b y Big Pharma – were/ are usually “b ased on decisions b y ‘ex perts’ with links to pharmaceutical companies which manufacture Statins.

“ And, of course, each time the threshold is lowered, millions more people b ecome ‘ eligib le’ f or cholesterol-lowering medications – thus increasing the market-size for the drugs!” Sheesh!

Oh, I nearly forgot.. . Our Dr Sherry Rogers has also written a book titled ‘The High Blood Pressure Hoax; ’ and another: ‘How to Cure Diab etes.’ Interesting? You can say that again.. .


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