Patriotism, peace will guarantee Tanzania unlimited growth

AS the history of T anzania dovetails back from T anganyik a (under the stewardship of Mwalimu Julius Nyerere) teaming up with Z anzibar (with Abeid Amaan Karume being at its helm), one thing will still become a force to reck on with as patriotism.

Patriotism will unite all regardless of region, political, and tribe if T anzanians want to achieve dev elopment. This has been preached in the past and will still be preached for the economy to grow, and citizens to enjoy their freedom, in a nutshell what the founding fathers fought for.

With that in mind, practically the country has seen several dev elopments in several spheres, with one just recently mak ing headlines globally when a group of 1,000 tourists (who left the message of peace preserv ation) jetted into the country from Israel at ago.

What T anzanians ought to k now and keep on reminding one another is that patriotism, peace and tranquility are very rare traits, one must not be a Rock et Scientist to acquire.

In this light, ev ery now and then, President John Magufuli like his predecessors have pointed out that the traits will mak e the country to acquire a strong back ground, where public institutions will flourish, and its citiz ens will feel at home and go about their businesses as usual.

Repeating that in the past, yesterday the Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, while in Mwanza in a ceremony to consecrate Bishop Renatus Nk wande of Mwanza Roman C atholic Archdiocese, reminded the congregation that it is the same patriotism- national pride, feeling of lov e, dev otion and sense of attachment to the homeland and alliance, would Tanzanians achieve a lot.

In his speech, it was high relief once again that in the same day, he was going to welcome 336 C hinese tourists at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) out of ex pected 2,000 in the process of visiting the country.

Presiding over the ceremony on behalf of the President, he expressed gratitude to the contributions of the religious institutions in supporting the gov ernment’s efforts on the provision of social serv ices to the public.

According to the President, the institutions have been mostly contributing much in education, health, water and other infrastructures for the sak e of the citizens, just because there is peace in the country.

T his is a rare trait which every T anzanian must jealously guard at all costs and nev er tak e for granted. “ In particular, Roman C atholic own a total of 204 out of ov er 17 ,6 5 9 Primary Schools available in the country.

It owns about 266 out of 4 ,8 8 3 Secondary Schools. It also has an immense contribution in the provision of tertiary education through its higher learning institutions, including SAUT ,” said the President, why, because peace is flourishing everywhere in the country.

F or that matter, it is the work of ev ery T anzanian to support President Magufuli in his regime and religious leaders, who continue to preach peace, solidarity and calmness amongst their followers, for the country to achieve its dreams. It is possible and starts from you and I.

IT is a highly commendable return of live ...

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