Obey traffic rules especially driving in this rainy season

IN any part of the world, the role of the government is to ensure and promote economic (development) stability and growth in the country. As this catapults it becomes the custodian of its citizens and their property that is why it has the Police Force.

Down the lane, there is the Traffic Police Department that is tasked almost exclusively to maintain traffic safety and efficiency on the roads.

This is the focus of their duties, which can include directing traffic, managing accidents and educating the public on laws and safety guidelines.

On that basis, the Traffic Police Department’s education and warning to motorists should be heeded to avoid loss of lives as a result of accidents on the roads.

Yesterday, the Unit again warned motorists in the country to take precautions on roads, following the Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) predictions of heavy rains in some parts of the country, in a way to avoid accidents as a result of weather changes.

In the TMA’s weather forecast, the ongoing rains in different parts of the country is the continuation of long rains, whose onset was delayed by Tropical Cyclone Kenneth which has influenced the weather pattern and this is nature taking its course!

Earlier, the weather agency had cautioned that although the tropical depression was overland over Mozambiq ue and was not expected to hit Tanzania, still it was not far from the Tanzanian boarder, thus it would continue influencing weather patterns in the country.

On this basis, the Police Traffic Department, being custodians of motorists’ property and lives on roads is once more reminding them, through a special education to avoid unnecessary accidents in this rainy season.

Motorists should respect the opinion of the Traffic Police Department for the concern, especially their Head Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) Fortunatus Musilim’s ex perience and collected data that points out that rainy seasons normally associate with a number of traffic accidents which cause deaths and injuries to the citizens.

“ These accidents have been caused by reckless driving, slippery, fog and potholes, which cannot be easily spotted by drivers overtaking ,” SACP Musilim noted.

For that matter, motorists countrywide should be cautious while driving in the rain and abide by traffic rules and regulations, keeping in mind that applying defensive driving skills and respecting traffic signs may save lives.

Eq ually, the weather agency predictions, according to TMA Manager, Samuel Mbuya that some areas including Tanga , Coast, Dar es Salaam, Unguja and Pemba will experience short periods of heavy downpours, while others seeing periods of strong winds of 40 km per hour and huge tides of 2km should be respecte

IT is a highly commendable return of live ...

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