Emphasis laid on immigration laws

TANZANIANS have been urged to make sure they comply with the immigration laws and regulations of other countries, so as to avoid inconveniences that include repatriation.

The advice was given by the Head of the Immigration Department in Kilimanjaro, Mr Albert Rwelamira, when speaking to journalists in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region, on Tuesday.

“If a person respects and adheres to all immigration issues of other countries, he or she will avoid various challenges related to immigration issues, including that of being returned home for a Tanzanian or face repatriation if the person is a foreigner who has entered or resides in Tanzania illegally,” he said.

Mr Rwelamira said that between January and December, 2018, the immigration department in Kilimanjaro repatriated 25 Kenyan civilians who were found residing in the country illegally.

“These persons were arrested following the ongoing operations in Kilimanjaro region which is aimed at identifying foreigners who are residing in the region illegally. On their side, our counterparts in Kenya repatriated a total of 108 Tanzanians who entered the neighbouring country illegally.

“The repatriated Tanzanians were arrested in Kenya during the operations conducted there between May last year and February this year”, he said, adding that the repatriated Tanzanians were returned through the Holili and Tarakea border posts in Rombo District.

He said the two countries considered the decision of repatriations as ordinary procedures aimed at ensuring that people leaving their countries of origin to enter other countries do so in accordance with the immigration laws.

“My message to my fellow Tanzanians is to comply with all the laws relating to immigration issues while they are in the country or when they want to go to another country.

Just like we at the Tanzanian immigration department want foreigners who enter our country to abide by our immigration laws, the immigration officials of other countries also want foreigners entering their countries to do the same; therefore the only solution here is one to follow the immigration laws of the respective countries so as to avoid unnecessary inconveniences,” he said.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Moshi

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