Fishing Act amendment welcomed

FISHERS at Kivukoni fish market have welcomed the government plan to amend the Fishing Act to improve trade environment and enable them to capture the huge market potentials and their earning.

“We welcome the idea very much, importing fish is affecting local fishermen’s income greatly,” said Vice Chairman of the Dar es salaam small scale fishers’ association (UWAWADA), Mr Saleh Msaen in an interview with this paper on Monday.

However, Mr Msaen said that the amendment of the fishing Act of 2003 and its regulations of 2009 should go in hand with efforts of helping indigenous fishers have good trading means for increased income.

“We have poor fishing facilities, no cold rooms for storing fresh fish as we look for better market and price while we also can access bank loans all these should be clearly addressed,” he cited.

Early this Month, Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, Luhaga Mpina was quoted expressing the government’s plan of reviewing the 2003 fisheries act and its regulations with aim of protecting local fishers and boost local industrial construction.

“We are looking to protecting marine fishing and support fishing trade in the country,” the minister said Early this Month. Available statistics shows that Tanzania produces 336,821 tonnes of fish annually against its demand of more than 700,000 tonnes.

The main fishing takes place in Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Nyasa as well as the gigantic Indian Ocean. Mostly harvested fish includes Prawns, Shellfish and Lobster, crabs, octopus, Nile perch and tilapia.

Tanzania mainly import fish from China, Vietnam and Thailand, according to the Kivukoni fish Manager, Mr Mkuu Hanje. Kivukoni fish market is the main gate for importing and exporting fish in the country.

Accessing fishing to fishing waters in the country is regulated by marine safety rules, licenses from given authorities while security organs conducts time to time patrols to enforce legal measures.

Dwellers of along Indian Ocean, lakes and large rivers depends much on marine activities for their economic wellbeing while aquaculture is also another economic alternative for gaining economic benefits from the marine creatures.

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