Elders, medics differ over identity of weird creature

HUMAN– like creature that recently wreaked havoc in Rukwa region’s Kalambo District is an aborted typical four-month human being, Regional Medical Officer (RMO) Dr Boniface Kasululu has confirmed.

But, elders in the area have maintained that the creature is either a ghost or extraterrestrial being. Dr Kasululu told the ‘Daily News’ over the phone that the ‘strange ‘ creature underwent special postmortem at Matai Health Centre’s morgue, maintaining that it was an ordinary human being.

“Medical examinations suggested that the creature is a normal human being...its unknown mother believed to have a four month pregnancy aborted and dumped it at Kalalasi Primary School in Mkali Ward in Kalambo district ...I visited the precinct and have talked to a score of people,” argued the RMO, appealing to wananchi to refrain from linking the creature with superstitious beliefs.

He further said that it was the duty of law enforcers to launch manhunt for the mother whose identity has yet to be established.

“The body of the ‘creature’ is preserved in a special container and it is kept here in Regional Referral Hospital’s mortuary...it is so tiny,” noted the RMO.

Responding to claims that Kalalasi Primary School teachers and pupils had seen the live creature with their naked eyes, Dr Kasululu explained that both teachers and pupils were ignorant on medical knowledge, “… we can’t rely entirely on them.”

A cross section of interviewees, including elders maintained that the creature was alive and was killed by the school pupils.

“It is up to you to believe on the RMO explanations, the truth is even parents thoroughly grilled their children at the school and all of them maintained that when they first saw it, it was alive ...an eight-year old pupil was the first to see it and maintained that it was alive,” maintained one elder Noel Kazumba.

Reports from the Rukwa Central Police in Sumbawanga have it that the law enforcers have launched man hunt for the suspected woman who allegedly aborted and dumped the ‘creature’ at the school compound.

“But I can’t give you detailed information because I’m not a spokesperson,” said one senior police officers.

The story of the strange creature started circulating fast on February 5, this year when a cross – section of interviewed people mostly from Kalambo District described the ‘strange’ creature as either ghost or extraterrestrial being.

“The presence of this ‘ghost’ in our midst has caused unexplainable panic to most of us, including our children who could not continue with studies in that morning,” charged one parent.

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Sumbawanga

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