TBS to introduce colour code on used tyres

TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS) plans to introduce colour code on used tyres as way to identify and eventually remove them from the market.

An inspector with the Bureau Mr Simon Emmanuel said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend that the initiative will be executed in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, vehicle inspectors, tyre dealers and motorists.

“The special colour code in used tyres will help vehicle TBS inspectors to easily identify them and take appropriate measures against motorists and tyre dealers,” he said during normal inspections to identify and provide awareness to dealers on the effects of selling and using used tyres in the country.

He said TBS Act number 2 of 2009 prohibits importation and use of used tyres in the country. The law states further that a new tyre is supposed to be used for a period of eight years only from its manufacture date.

He said to prevent the effects of the continued use of used tyres, the Bureau has been carrying impromptu inspections in various parts of the country to remove them from the market but also an opportunity to create awareness on the impact of using used tyres to the economy and the society.

One of tyre dealers from Kariakoo Dar es Salaam, Mr Linus Whinchslaus thanked TBS officials for the education on the effects of used tyres saying demand for used tyres continues to exist because their price is low compared to the new ones prompting motorists to go for them, fast moving and high profit to dealers.

He said for example one used tyre can generate profit of between 20,000/- and 30,000/- compared to only 10,000/- for new tyres.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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