Beverage firm launches vitamin drink

SHIFTING interests of soft drinks consumers by opting for vitamin based drinks with less or no sugar at all have attracted beverage companies to match with this trend in order to maintain their market share.

Coca-cola Kwanza Company, has introduced a new lemon-flavoured Schweppes + C as it seeks to diversify its portfolio of soft drinks in Tanzanian market to cope with shifting interests of drinkers who are becoming cautious as life style diseases are on the surge.

The firm’s Marketing and Sales Director, Josephine Msalilwa told the ‘Daily News’ that they have decided to introduce the brand to the local market as a response to the research findings that show that “soft drinkers are changing, apart from refreshing and quench their thirsty, they want to add something potential in their bodies.’

Speaking at the launch in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, Ms Msalilwa added that the introduction of the Schweppes in Tanzania signifies that more jobs will be obtained and the move is supporting the country’s industrial drive simply because the drink will be manufactured in Tanzania.

“This is a new year gift to our esteemed customers. We have responded to their needs by introducing Schweppes… it will be produced in the country hence more job opportunities are going to be produced,” she said.

The Coca-Cola Managing Director, Mr Basil Godzios said the beverage company has invested heavily in innovation and diversification of their soft drink products with a view to reach a dynamic market in Tanzania.

“We are delighted to add a new variant to this category of beverages in a bid to meet our consumers’ needs. Schweppes + C with Lemon brings a new lemon experience with a touch of Vitamin C will enchant the palate.

This drink is well blended to give the consumer a refreshing lemon juice feeling,” he said.

The impetus of investing more in the industry, according to Mr Godzios, is to ensure that “all our products meet these everchanging demands and preferences, the addition of Vitamin C greatly differentiates Schweppes +C from the other products in the market and gives it the refreshment of a sparkling product with the added benefits of Vitamin C, and a great taste.”

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Author: Sauli Giliard

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