Majaliwa condemns killings of children

PRIME Minister (PM) Kassim Majaliwa has condemned witchcraft-linked killings of children in Njombe Region, warning people using the senseless killings to cause panic and uproar among members of the public.

Mr Majaliwa issued the warning when delivering his speech to adjourn the 14th session of the 11th Parliament after a section of Members of Parliament (MPs) said there were people posting videos and pictures of murdered children associating them with those that had happened on Njombe Region.

“The government condemns the killings of our children and equally warns those using the incidents to create panic to members of the public,’’ he noted. Mr Majaliwa said the government would leave not tolerate more killings orchestrated by criminals in the region.

“The government has already directed security officers to hunt for, arrest, interrogate and prosecute all those implicated in the killings of innocent children in that region,’’ he added.

He said as of yesterday 29 people had been held in connection to the killings, asking all Tanzanians to collaborate with security organs in the country to avert any killings.

“The most important thing that we need to do is to ensure every Tanzanian intensifies security regardless of one’s social status,’’ insisted the premier.

On Thursday, Home Affairs Minister Kangi Lugola (pictured) told the National Assembly that the government had dispatched a team of detectives to help security organs in Njombe Region strengthen investigation that would lead to the arrest, interrogation and prosecution of the perpetrators.

The minister equally told MPs that all those posting out-dated pictures of bodies of children linking them with Njombe killings would be arrested and prosecuted in accordance with the Cyber Crime Act, 2015.

“This Parliament enacted the Cyber Crime Act, 2015 and I urge people disseminating false and seditious information to stop immediately or else appropriate legal action will be taken against them,’’ he noted.

Yesterday, Mr Majaliwa took time to explain what the government was doing to ensure the country was free especially from appalling acts of terrorism.

He said Tanzania would continue collaborating with all countries in the East African Community (EAC) bloc and the international community in the war on terrorism.

He said security organs in the country were vigilant all the time to ensure such acts did not happen in the country. He said all people entering the country were thoroughly scrutinised to ensure they all met security standards.

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Author: SUNDAY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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