Over 3,500 industries set upsentences

Out of the total number, 2,500 are small, 943 medium and 10 are large-scale industries


THE government has said so far, 3,504 industries have been established since the fifth phase government took power in 2015.

Deputy Minister for Industry, Trade and Investment Stella Manyanya confirmed in the National Assembly yesterday, when responding to a question posed by Chumbuni MP Ussi Pondeza (CCM).

In his basic question, the Chumbuni MP wanted to know the number of industries that had so far been established since President John Magufuli took over power.

The deputy minister said of the 3,504 industries, 2,500 were small industries, 943 medium industries and 10 others were large industries.

Ms Manyanya further said in collaboration with the office of the Treasury Registrar, her ministry was conducting thorough assessment of all 156 privatised industries before recommending what steps should be taken by the government.

“In the same assessment, my ministry has taken appropriate measures to 68 industries that are yet to be developed,’’ she added.

Ms Manyanya said the office of the Attorney General had satisfied itself with the recommendations and asked the office of the Treasury Registrar to take appropriate measures as stipulated in the law.

She said until yesterday 14 industries had been repossessed by the government and efforts were being made to look for potential investors, who could develop them.

According to the deputy minister, the 2017 economic outlook shows that the contribution of the industrial sector to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stands at 5.5 per cent compared to 4.9 per cent in 2016, an equivalent of 0.6 per cent.

THE President of the Republic ...

Author: KATARE MBASHIRU in Dodoma

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