African countries need genuine independence and real sovereignty (ii)

PROGRESSIVE ideas are vital in the struggle for genuine independence and real sovereignty in Africa.

Odinga, O. (1967) wrote ‘Not yet Uhuru’ (Independence) in Kenya which had won political independence but Odinga wrote Kenya was dominated by neo-colonialism and it did not have economic independence and economic development of the masses of people in Kenya.

Genuine independence and real sovereignty should mean and imply a country to have economic independence, freedom of judgment, be self reliant and the country to be capable to exercise action as independent and sovereign state.

Some countries of Africa do not have genuine independence and real sovereignty and they do not have economic independence.

They depend on foreign support in form of foreign aid to balance their national budgets and to continue to survive with economies which depend on patron capitalists of Western Europe, US, IMF and World Bank who dictate to such African countries what they should do and what they should not do in order to continue to be given foreign economic support to be invested for economic growth.

Countries of Africa need a progressive ideology which will guide the struggles to achieve genuine independence and real sovereignty. African leaders who think Africa can not develop without foreign aid have to re-orient their thinking from reliance on foreign aid and foreign investments as prerequisites for development of Africa.

Such African leaders might have been manipulated to surrender to neocolonialism and capitalist globalisation. African leaders who have been misguided by neo-colonialism have misconceived understanding that implementing Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) would enable their countries to achieve economic growth and development of the African masses.

Indeed some African leaders have been accepting the conditionality imposed on their countries by the capitalist donor countries and IMF and World Bank but the truth is that their countries have had small or no economic development for the masses of the people of their countries.

When IMF and World Bank experts point out that things are not working in Africa, the blame is directed to African leadership that it is incompetent, dictatorial, bad governance, lack of rule of law, no transparency, corruption and no respect for human rights.

Despite of these accusations some African leaders persist believing in foreign aid and asking capitalist donor countries and IMF and World Bank to support their countries through foreign aid and foreign investments to enhance development of their countries.

This is a disgrace to the dignity of Africa. Under neo-colonialism African countries are forced to accept conditionality which are imposed on these countries in order to attract more foreign aid and foreign investments. African countries need a progressive ideology and good policies.

Countries of Africa need progressive ideology and good policies to guide their struggles to achieve genuine independence and real sovereignty. Lack of progressive ideology and good policies is the root of crisis of Africa under neo-colonialism and capitalist globalization.

The greatest danger that has threatened Africa is the absence progressive of ideology and good policies some countries of Africa have no conscious sense of political struggle to overcome neo-colonialism.

The Great leader of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim IL Sung created Juche idea as an ideology which developed and guided successfully the anti-Japanese fascist imperialist domination and exploitation of DPRK in 1940s. The anti-United States imperialist aggression of DPRK in 1950s.

The anti-imperialist struggles in DPRK have made North Korea achieve genuine independence and real sovereignty. DPRK is independent in economy, politics, culture and military against military threats and economic sanctions. Neo-colonialism of capitalist countries of Western Europe and US is guided by a capitalist ideology which is based on individualism, liberalized free market economy, laissez faire, competition and globalization.

Capitalist ideology was developed by classical economists. Neo-colonialists have resorted to make sure neocolonial exploitation would continue in Africa. Neo-colonialists adopted ideological penetration in Africa. Education system was used. US had Peace Corps and Britain had Volunteer Service Overseas to work in Africa.

Peace Corps and British volunteers were sent to Africa to breed neo-colonial understanding among the African educated elites that neo-colonial foreign aid was useful and necessary for the development in independent countries of Africa. Neo-colonial ideology supports foreign aid and foreign investments to produce materials and extract natural resources from Africa to be exported for sale in the world market and Africa to get foreign currency.

Cheap labour of Africans is used to produce raw materials. It is wrong to allow foreign neo-colonial investors to control the pillars or commanding heights of economy in Africa and hire Africans to provide cheap labour in production activities.

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