Special programme benefits 1,800 disabled children

AT least 1,800 children living with disabilities have for the past year benefited from a special programme that helps access primary education, being implemented by Tanzania Cheshire Foundation (TCF) in 24 primary schools in the two districts of Dodoma and Chamwino.

TCF Project Manager, Ledman Mjema said yesterday that the main goal of the project was to improve school infrastructure to enable children with disabilities get access to education with an enabling studying environment.

He said the project had been implemented in 24 primary schools in Dodoma and Chamwino districts, mentioning the schools in Dodoma District as Ng'ong'ona, Ntyuka, Mbabala, Nkulabi, Mbalawala, Makutupora, Chihanga, Ipala, Vikonje and Kikombo.

The schools in Chamwino District are Itiso, Msanga, Wilunze, Buigiri mission, Nghahelezi, Msamalo, Nyerere, Nkwenda, Mlowa Bwawani and Fufu.

He further said that plans were underway to set up an education centre for people with disabilities in Nala in the outskirts of Dodoma City.

Mr Mjema said the centre would house a vocational training facility, primary and secondary schools and a workshop to make artificial limbs.

"The centre that is aimed at promoting inclusive education national policy will accommodate at least 400 children with disabilities and those without disabilities," said the project manager.

Mr Mjema further observed that the facility would house offices of Tanzania Federation of Disabled People's Organisation, conference and training halls.

He said the facility to be set up on a 22-acre land would include all requisite infrastructure for people with disabilities to facilitate the provision of education, saying preparations for the project worth 3bn/- were in top gear.

"TCF has already acquired the title deed for the facility from Dodoma City Council and the facility map will soon be submitted to the authority for a construction permit to commence work," he said.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Dodoma

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