Kudos RC Makonda, Dar es Salaam deserves business 24/7

“DAR ES SALAAM is by the end of next month expected to join the club of cities that ‘never sleep’, with business operating around the clock,” was a speech that was recently made by the city Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda in the city.

Kudos Mr Makonda for the bright idea after realizing and advising that the government’s plan is to ensure that the region, being a commercial city, has all the blessings to run business round the clock without any hindrance.

The city is the image of the country where tourists jet in from abroad, gigantic ships dock in and for many years has been the capital city of Tanzania, implying that limiting business to certain hours, in a way is limiting its growth and the citizen’s hours of working and pay taxes, besides raising their livelihoods.

After the Fifth Phase government under President John Magufuli issuing hawkers with Identity Cards (IDs), this is another opportunity for them to work hard around the clock, because the public (read customers) would not be limited on shopping hours.

Banking on the offer, it is time those who thrived on shortcuts in the name of unlaw-abiding-citizens, thought of stopping their leeward ways of life, because this pinpoints a sign that business will not be usual for them.

The President in his slogan has been saying that hapa ni kazi tu and repeatedly pointed out that people must work, where work here is defined as doing a lawful business to earn a living and those not ready to work should not eat.

If one is not ready to eat, it means that one is ready to die because there is no free meal.

The business community should support this school of thought especially the Shop owners, bars and Shopping Malls amongst others, since their businesses entirely depend on plenty of customers.

It is hats off to the government for this bright idea that would also entice traders from upcountry and neighbouring countries to troop into the city for business without fearing that when it is dusk, Dar es Salaam is asleep.

Along the same vein, the commuter buses carrying traders and their goods from regions and neighbouring countries pouring into the city, should also be invited in the board to give their views on how business can be improved in the city in a nutshell.

Once the traders’ community and the public at large are assured of full business, regardless of business hour in the city, Security organs should be equally empowered to be mobile every minute their assistance would be sought, because culture of doing business 24/7 would be facing teething problems before becoming part and parcel of the city.

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