Watch out, squabbling govt leaders warned

PRESIDENT John Magufuli yesterday issued a stern warning to leaders who are fond of engaging in useless conflicts in their areas of administration, telling them to watch out. 

The Head of State sent the warning to the squabbling leaders during the swearing in of new ministers, permanent secretaries (PS), deputy PSs and Commissioners of the Public Service Commission held at the State House in Dar es Salaam, yesterday.

He disclosed several examples of such conflicts, citing the example of that involving the Minister for Health, Community, Development, Gender, Elders and Children, Ms Ummy Mwalimu and former Deputy PS in TAMISEMI, Dr Zainab Chaula (pictured). 

President Magufuli observed that besides her outstanding performance, the quarrel between the two was among reasons he decided to place them in the same ministry as they were both hardworking. 

He applauded Dr Chaula, who is now the PS in the health ministry for a job well done; including constructing more than 300 hospitals and health centres countrywide, despite the challenges she faced in delivering her duties.

According to him, much as both the Minister and PS come from Tanga, her appointment was only based on merit and not from the regions which they are coming from. 

“This work is surrounded by a lot of challenges...I am aware of the ongoing conflicts in some of the councils like in Nyasa where the District Commissioner (DC) and the District Executive Director (DED) are constantly at loggerheads. They should know that they are in my watch list for now.” 

Giving another example, “...in Gairo, the Member of Parliament (MP) has gone to the level of abusing the DC via social media posts. This person does not understand that through the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Disciplinary Committee, the person could lose the position,” said President Magufuli.

The President revealed that he is just observing the situation and hoped that one day the MP would apologise.

He further noted that in Dodoma the City Executive Director (CED) and the respective DC were constantly quarrelling, but have now stopped after sending them a strong warning. 

The President also briefly spoke on Dr Doroth Gwajima’s appointment as new Deputy PS to TAMISEMI, saying the technocrat was once ranked as among the best doctors in the regions.

“Leadership has a lot of challenges, henceforth you should not make issues arising from your positions as too parochial, I usually make a close follow up on some of these issues,” noted the President.

Delivering his address earlier, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Job Ndugai, with a light touch, commented that looking at the ministers, they looked tired because they had not taken leave for a while.

However, the President commented on Ndugai’s observation, saying he too had not gone on leave to serve the general public, including farmers and businesspeople, asking ministers to be tolerant in the five years.

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