Enrol children in schools next-door, education is free for them

AS Schools are opening countrywide, parents should know that children have a right to education and should exploit the chance to take them to the institutions, which in the country is being funded by the government.

This reflects the government’s Circular 5 which implements the Education and Training Policy 2014 and directs public bodies to ensure that Primary and Secondary education is regarded as basic education and a right that every child is provided with.

On the note, those who subject children to all forms of labour including helping them in their daily chores to mint extra coins by keeping them off the school are committing a criminal offence.

The public should know that child labour is work performed by children under 18 years of age which is exploitative, hazardous or inappropriate for their age, and which is detrimental to their schooling, or social, mental, spiritual and moral development, and should not be tolerated.

Equally, parents who marry their girls in tender ages to secure dowry and related bride price instead of taking them to schools should know that the government would not spare them.

This has come as a result of some parents ferrying some of their daughters to urban areas to work as house gals especially with meager incomes after they have sat for their Standard Seven Exams, with claims that they have finished their studies.

It is high time those who lure young girls from their rural families with schemes that promise lucrative employment in towns and cities, only to be exploited as underpaid domestic servants that work as many as 16 or 18 hours per day, now be charged, because in a way the domestic servitude in urban areas also make an easy transition to child prostitution.

The list may be long, but particularly to the pastoralists who are fond of migrating with their families and livestock looking for green pastures in lieu of leaving behind their sons/daughters to study in the free schools, this is another criminal offence.

The public ought to realise that fortunate knocks only once in life and with that note, the full free Primary and Secondary education Tanzanians are being provided with should not be taken for granted.

In the suit, leaders should enlighten their residents on the benefits of assigning children to study closer to their homes since the schools are spread everywhere, because the long and potentially unsafe distances some of these children are being subjected to in turn costs them in life.

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