Of dreading January and all it offers

HAPPY New Year! 2019 has come and I’m not sure we were ready but here we are. I heard someone being wished a happy school fees week and I lost all happiness in my spirit.

Yes, this is in fact school fees week and low and behold if you do not have the school fees in question.

And there is something about payment of school fees in January that makes it seem like the fees have tripled or even quadrupled when in fact it is the same amount that you have always been paying.

It isn’t just school fees; it is just all bills in general. Every single payment seems as though it has been doubled for effect or something. I don’t think there has ever been a more dreaded month than January.

It is like we go from one extreme of the holidays and being happy to the other of demands and responsibilities. And with the news of more and more accounts being shut down, cash circulation is getting tighter and tighter.

Although, I have to be fair and point out that Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has declared that they will not close small businesses that owe taxes but instead they will permit them to continue working as they pay it off. TRA came through as this wasn’t the case before so, can we collectively come together and rejoice in song and dance?

However, details such as how long will be given in this grace period be, is another thing. Will there be any compensation for the businesses that were closed to shut down before and have lost business?

There is also the fact that business is slow during the first few months of the year so the business will be operating at a loss or barely breaking even for a while. But these are details we can discuss another day.

Back to dreading January; there is also the issue of the fact that everybody who had left town is now either back or on their way back so that means that we are going to be sitting in serious traffic as we go about paying all our bills.

What happened to the plan of moving the government to Dodoma? Does anybody know where I can get information on that planned migration to the country’s capital? Anyways, don’t mind me.

It is the frustrations that are wearing me down.

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Author: Amby Lusekelo

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