CCM demeans tension on Membe

FORMER cabinet minister Bernard Membe has the discretion to meet or not meet Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) Secretary General, the ruling party said in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

CCM Ideology and Publicity Secretary Humphrey Polepole called on Tanzanians to dismiss as baseless what he described as ‘trash,’ the discussions taking rounds through the social media.

He said the discussions emerged after the party’s Secretary General Dr Bashiru Ally invited the former Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister to his office for talks.

“CCM would like to inform the general public that we have been closely following up discussions through different social media, the issue that has attracted a lot of attention is not intended to raise misunderstandings.

The Secretary General has invited Mr Membe to his office for talks, the same way he has been routinely meeting different party members, leaders and retired leaders for consultations,” said Mr Polepole.

He pointed out that the party was saddened by ongoing discussions which have tarnished the good intention of the envisaged meeting. Mr Polepole stressed that the meeting, like all other CCM meetings, aims at talking with leaders to build the party and maintain unity.

“We would like to urge the public to brush off all illintentioned discussions that aim at inciting, creating hatred and disunity among CCM members,” he noted.

As the government has recently embarked on major moves to improve the wellbeing of the people, especially the government purchase of cashew nut, Mr Polepole said Membe, being the previous Member of Parliament for Mtama constituency, he is likely to have a lot of helpful knowledge.

In another development, Mr Polepole said CCM has won in 47 wards during the recent councillorship bi-elections in the mainland. He noted that 41 CCM candidates sailed through unopposed in their wards and for the six wards where elections were conducted, the party won overwhelmingly.

“The remarkable win is derived from the party’s fulfillment of all legal, constitutional and policy requirements in all 47 wards where elections were conducted.

“Our opponents could not meet such criteria and that’s the reason contestants from CCM emerged victorious,” he observed. Meanwhile, CCM expects to conduct its top leaders’ ordinary meeting on December 17 and 18, this year.

Mr Polepole said the Central Committee of the National Executive Committee will meet December 17 ahead of the Central Committee on December 18.

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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