UDSM's Committee summons lecturer over her sex corruption scandal tweet

The University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)’s Disciplinary Committee will been meeting with one of its senior lecturers today (Friday) after alleged on social media platform that  “sex corruption is highly pervasive” at the country's oldest higher learning institution.

According to the letter by the disciplinary committee to Dr Vicencia Shulle, UDSM's senior lecture in the department of Fine and Performing Arts is to adhere to the committee's calling that will discuss further on her allegation and how to address it.

"With this letter the UDSM's disciplinary Committee is directing you to attend its session of on 30th November 2018 (Friday) at 3 pm after the University learnt your allegations that sex corruption is engulfing it at the highest stage so that this matter can be dealt with immediately by the committee," reads part of the letter signed by the Committee Chairperson Prof. Evelyne  Mbede. 

Earlier this week, Dr Shulle twitted "Papa Magufuli (President Magufuli) I wanted to welcome you by displaying my poster as you came to UDSM for inaugurating newly constructed library building but I stumbled at your security officers' ban. Sex corruption is highly pervasive at the UDSM. I am waiting to hear from you for I trust that your appointees are honest enough to tell you the reality." 

The senior lecture acknowledged she has received an official call from the varsity’s disciplinary committee twitting:  "For our dear sexual violence survivors, we are almost there, we will win, big time"

After her tweet went viral, the hashtag #IStandWithDrShule is gaining popularity among the online community with some users expressing their shocks on the incidences of sexual corruption scandal at the institution. 


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