Two women rescued from sex slavery jet in

TWO among eight Tanzanian ladies who were rescued in Thailand where they were forced to engage in sex work, yesterday afternoon, returned to the country, with one having a baby boy who was born in the Far East country.

The duo whose names are being withheld said they left the country over a year ago with their agents promising them to secure jobs in saloons and supermarkets in Thailand.

One of the rescued ladies is a resident of Dar es Salaam and her fellow is from Kahama District of Shinyanga Region.

Speaking to the ‘Daily News’ after arrival, the rescued ladies thanked the government and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) for efforts to bring them back, urging other ladies to be careful on whatever offer that they will receive.

“We were taken to Thailand over a year ago by tales of good paying jobs. But unfortunately, I was misled, there were no job as I was promised by the agent who took me there,” said a 23-year old lady.

She said, immediately after arrival, she had her passport and mobile phone confiscated by her host who demanded 5,000 US dollar being a refund for her air ticket and Visa.

“That’s where all the troubles began as I knew no one there hence the only option I had was to follow what they instructed me to do, as a result I ended up doing forced sex work every day,” she explained.

According to them, the payment from each man they were sleeping with ranged between 50 and 200 US dollars, adding the money that they were making from their clients was supposed to be shared equally with their hosts

A 24-year old lady who returned with a baby said her host had even broken her passport.

“When they take your passport, you will never get it until you pay them the money they want. I was ordered to give them 5,000 US dollars. After all the struggles I managed to pay them half of the money that is when they gave me back my travelling document, which unfortunately was broken,” she said.

Expounding further, the rescued ladies asked the government to take measures against all agents who are engaged in illegal business since it destroys the future of many girls.

Speaking on Wednesday in Dar es Salaam, the chairman of the Tanzanian Anti-Trafficking Committee, Mr Adatus Magere, said the records of human trafficking in the country are alarming.

“It is a big problem which appears to be a normal practice to many people here, the act of bringing a house maid from upcountry to Dar es Salaam under low wage is also considered as human trafficking business,” he said.

“Most of those who are brought from upcountry are misled that they would be taken to school, which is not true, others are transported abroad for sex work,” he said, adding that they are working hard to curb the problem.

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