JPM’s successes set precedent for future

IF we look at President John Magufuli’s three-year leadership since he came to power in 2015, what comes to our mind first is his unswerving fight against corruption in various sectors of the economy. As a result, the incidence of corruption in the country has dropped to a considerable extent. Tanzania is now ranked the second less corrupt country in East Africa after Rwanda, according the Eastern Africa Bribery Index 2017. 

Those, who used to evade tax, misappropriate public funds for personal interests or occasion losses to the government, ask for, take or receive bribery without fear they can now only do so at their own peril, thanks to enhanced law enforcement and the establishment of the Economic, Corruption and Organised Crime Court (Division of the High Court of Tanzania). Many loopholes have been sealed and efficiency has improved in various sectors of the economy because of the fifth government’s resolute approach to development. 

This has increased trust not only in citizens, but also in development partners and continued support in terms of donor funds attests to this.

Improvement in public service is another area. In the past, it was possible to go to a government office and not be attended to without justification, but not this time. Performance in p ublic service has improved a lot because it is either to deliver or lose a job, and none is ready to risk one’s job.

There is also improvement in education and health sectors. The introduction of free education – primary and secondary education (up to Form IV) – is a case in point. Many families that used not to send their children to school due to financial limitations started doing so when the government announced free education for all. As a result, Tanzanians have witnessed a record upward trend in school enrolment in these three years.

Even in higher education, requirements for study loans have been improved to enable students from poor families to access higher education and get loans on time.

Health services also have improved and a plan to introduce health insurance for the majority of Tanzanians will improve Tanzanians’ quality of life due to increased access to basic health services. 

New roads, bridges and rail lines are set up to improve transport. This is without mentioning improvement in air and marine transport and implementing the Tanzania Standard Gauge Railway project that will see the first electric train start plying between Dar es Salaam and Morogoro in December next year. 

Industrial investment has created jobs to many Tanzanians. For what has been achieved, there are prospects that Tanzania will not only become an industrial and middle-income economy by 2025, but also an upper middle-income in the future. 

We cannot exhaust all that President Magufuli has been doing to Tanzanians and to the country in three years of his leadership, yet what has been mentioned above sets the basis for the future of our country. 

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