Fatema: Living her dreams to inspire others

“IT’S always extremely empowering for other people to hear a story of a leader who is a woman, much as there is going to be a lot of challenges in life but one has to make sure to keep her focus, dreams and working towards them,” reveals Fatema Dewji, the Marketing Head at Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited (MeTL).

Fatema is among the youngest female leaders (under 30 years old) handling large portfolios. She discovered her purpose in life and is using it to inspire others.

An avid golfer since she was six years old, Fatema grew up in Tanzania and went to Georgetown University for her undergraduate studies in Finance and Management.

In 2010, she started working at MeTL, one of the largest business houses in Africa. Fatema has been recognised as one of Africa’s most influential women.

Last Friday, Fatema launched her first book titled ‘Marketing for an African Powerhouse: How to get your brand ahead of the heard’. According to her, the book focuses on marketing tactics in Africa particularly the Tanzanian context.

But, it’s also about selfgrowth, self-development and how important it is to help other people to find their passion, purpose and their whys in business and in life.

“Growing up in my family, we have watched our father waking up at the crack of down and go to work, never with an excuse, maybe he was thinking “I hope one of my kids will catch me in the act of excellence” And so if there is one lesson I have learnt from my family, it is this “Show up early and if you are going to do a job do it right, put your whole heart into it or don’t do it at all.”

“If you want to hit your dream, your desire, your goal deeply enough, you will find ways towards it…With the right mindset and the right attitude, anything and everything can be learnt,” reads part of the book.

She pointed out that as woman, writing the book has been very empowering because a lot of women have great stories to tell and so did she. In the book, Fatema describes how people view her as a person with many tittles, the capable businesswoman, the golfer and the motivational speaker, but to her what they do not see is the efforts she puts in her every day work.

“I hope this book and my story inspires you to find the greatness within you and encourages you to push the human race forward,” she said.

According to Fatema, the book can be used as a case study to build brands and inspire young people especially those in high school live up to their dreams and life purpose.

Besides working as the Marketing Head at MeTL, Fatema is also the founder of ‘Empower and Inspire’, a platform of which she uses to inspire those around her.

With burning passion and gentle warmth, she has launched a series of videos on marketing and leadership with topics that include: focusing on your customers; maintaining a connection with your consumers; the makings of great leaders; and finding your purpose in business as well as in your personal life.

Her other videos cover motivational messages of gratitude, self-worth, and emotional resilience. Fatema has also conducted over 50 interviews with fascinating people from different backgrounds.

“Through the platform, I have been advocating women empowerment, I have been hearing such great stories from women in Tanzania who have done great things which are indeed inspirational.

“In life, everybody has their test and trials, everybody goes to pain but you have to make sure that your focus, dream and passion are clear….always make sure that your purpose is bigger than you.

It has to be about helping the humankind move forward and not entirely about you. She observed that her dream is to basically help as many people as she can, if it is one or two but to inspire them to move forward.

On his Facebook page, Tanzanian businessman Mohammed Dewji and brother to Fatema wrote, “Proud of my sister for launching her very first book titled “Marketing for an African Powerhouse”.

Fatema talks about her journey, taking the MO brand to new heights, amongst many other fascinating stories. The book provides lessons on marketing, personal growth and women’s empowerment.

A must read for everyone.” According to Fatema, in order to achieve anything in life it takes a team, a great team. Leaders are nothing without their people.

Organisations and communities work on forming relationship, because they are not good by themselves. It’s all about connecting with people.

She also notes coming from a wealth family did not stop her from showing her own potentials “every day, my brother and I wake at dawn and show up at the company early to set an example.

And to send out the message that we are not entitled brats that we have our ethics, too.”

Whether you want to achieve greatness in business or achieve the greatness of who you are, the book is perfect business case study in business schools and on marketing concepts then and now.


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