WBG financial support for education projects welcome

YESTERDAY, this newspaper carried a lead story, saying the World Bank Group (WBG) was in its final stages to inject over 1tri/-into nursery and secondary education projects in Tanzania and WBG Country Director, Bella Bird said the projects funded by the WBG were progressing well.

This is good news to all of us and we welcome this WBG financial support that will enable the government to improve the standard of nursery and secondary education in the country.

The WBG has also funded other development projects worth up to over 10tri/-. The projects include a sustainable rural water supply and sanitation programme to increase access to rural water supply and sanitation services and the Dar es Salaam Urban Transport Improvement Project worth $450.8m to improve transport mobility, accessibility, safety and quality of transport service delivery.

The WBG has also injected over 100bn/-into the construction of the Ubungo Interchange project. All this is in line with the fifth phase government’s agenda of becoming an industrial and a middle income economy by 2025.

Education is one of the fifth phase government’s priorities and for that matter it has introduced free education from primary to secondary level (Form IV). The aim is to make education inclusive by enabling all children of the age of going to school to access primary and secondary education without discrimination.

But in order to do this, adequate investment in education is needed. It is in light of this, that we welcome the WBG financial support, which we think will, to a considerable extent, make a difference in the sector of education and other sectors of the economy. We believe that enlightened schoolchildren will be enlightened and responsible citizens, who will put national interests before theirs.

An enlightened nation is more likely to sustain its economic status than the one, which is not.

That is why we see a need for adequate investment in education that will create an enabling environment for both teachers and schoolchildren. We are sure that improvement in primary and secondary education will lead to improvement in higher education.

Thus, we appeal to the government to continue cooperating with development partners to improve the standard of education not only in primary and secondary education, but also in higher education and learning from what the WBG has said about the progress of the projects it funds in the country, it is possible Tanzania can secure more WBG funds to boost the sector of education.

Author: EDITOR

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